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Advanced Overnight Surf Academy!


Are you an intermediate to advanced surfer looking to improve and take your surfing to the next level?  WB Surf Camp has the program and coaches for you!  Immerse yourself in a one week to four-week warm water Advanced Surfing Program and gain valuable insight to surf better. From equipment needs to surf fitness, training, nutrition and competitive psychology, our advanced coaches will be on hand all day long to work with you.

Our Advanced coaching staff will help improve your timing and maneuvers while learning the technical aspect of advanced surfing. Both intermediate and advanced surfers can greatly benefit from coaching.

In the past we have had guest pros like WSL retired Pro Ben Bourgeios, WSP Big Wave Pro Mason Barnes, 2015 NSSA National Champ Bo Raynor, 2016 NSSA National Rookie of the Year Leah Thompson, Jamaican Legend Icah Wilmot and 4x East Coast Surfing Champ Aaron Cormican. These pros have a passion for inspiring our young surfers and creating the next surfing generation. Coaches will be set in the late spring.

Why do the world’s best athletes have coaches? Because they know the benefits coaching brings. Our surf coaches, like all, bring a wealth of knowledge in advanced maneuvers and surf competition strategy.  Our awesome team of coaches will go over specific aspects of your surfing, fine tuning both timing and maneuvers. Let us show you how you can improve!

Advanced Surf Camp Highlights include:

  • Professional style coaching.
  • Trial heats to improve your knowledge and competitive strategies.
  • Surf with more confidence and better performance.
  • Increase adaptability by surfing different breaks.
  • Unlimited photos taken by our professional staff photographer available.

Cost includes lodging, all meals, 24-hour same gender adult supervision, shuttle to and from the Wilmington International Airport (ILM), professional surfing instruction (5:1 student to instructor ratio), t-shirt, and 8″ x 10″ group photo. Enrollment is limited to 10. Multiple sessions can be combined for an extended 4 week stay.

2020 Dates 



Your home away from home will be Topsail Island’s premier ocean view beachfront retreat center.   Located just steps away from one of our our favorite surf breaks and pristine beach. Campers not only wake up to the sound of waves crashing and the feeling of ocean breeze on their faces, but also enjoy amazing sunsets, awesome prepared meals in our dining hall, beach volleyball, game rooms, fire pits, beach movies, and many more activities.

The ocean view rooms we’ll be staying in are air conditioned, and have their own private bathrooms. Each camper has their own bed and rooms are gender-specific with counselors staying in adjacent rooms. Our surf retreat is the perfect location as it is only a short walk through a private beach access to endless waves and a gorgeous white sand beach to make the ultimate surf experience!


How do I know if I am ready for this camp?

If you can turn and ride down the wave’s face while generating your own speed and flow.

How much time will I spend surfing?

From sun up to sun down, as long as the waves are up, we will surf! Proper breaks for meals, rest, and hydration will be taken in between.

Will there be a photographer or videographer present?

Yes. We will have a staff photographer/videographer on the beach to record sessions. This helps to better analyze and improve your surfing technique. We also utilize Solo Shot technology to capture our sessions.

How much individual time will I get to spend with my pro coach?

ALL DAY!!! Our guest pro coaches will be present during the entire camp session to assist and coach you during your stay.

Could this help me get sponsored?

Our pro surf coaches  will discuss and highlight what it takes to build a sponsorship resume to help get sponsored.

How long should I stay?

We recommend  a minimum of two weeks. We offer supervision and coaching in between sessions so teens get to continue improving their surf skills while staying at our ocean view campus.

Where will I be surfing?

We have a private beach access right in front of our accommodations that offers up great uncrowded warm water beach breaks. Water temps will be between 78 – 82 degrees so no wetsuits are needed.

How old are the campers I will be rooming with?

Roommates are grouped together by age and gender.


Advanced Surf Camp for Teens

Learn how we are supporting families as they make decisions about this summer.