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Wilmington Kids Summer Camps


Changing lives, one wave at a time.

WB Surf Camp’s mission is to cultivate a love and respect for the ocean by building confidence, developing character and inspiring stoke through safety, fun and learning.

We believe that surfing is an incredible way to build confidence in kids. We know that a child’s first experiences with the ocean will shape their attitude towards it for the rest of their lives. Every kid may not end up a life-long surfer, but building confidence through accomplishment is an asset that will last forever!

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Guppy Ocean Adventure

Our Guppy Ocean Adventure Camp takes place on several pristine beaches of Wilmington, North Carolina and is designed for children ages 6-10. During this week-long, full-day program, kids will learn about ocean safety and multiple components of our coastal environment.

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Grom Ocean Academy

Have your camper come explore the Wilmington Coast in our full-day Grom Ocean Academy. This program is geared towards children ages 8-11, and builds on many of the lessons from Guppy Camp. Campers will practice advanced boogie boarding skills, in addition to trying their hand at surfing…

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Kids Summer Surf Camps

Our Kids Surf Camp offers a 2:1 student to instructor ratio and is a great way to build confidence in children ages 7-10. This summer camp is offered at Wrightsville Beach, near Wilmington, NC and is specially designed to get kids stoked!

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Carolina Ocean Odyssey

Carolina Ocean Odyssey is a residential summer camp program for 10-12 year olds. The primary focus of this program is to introduce campers to a variety of ocean activities while sharing our local coastal environment. Our goal is for campers to gain independence and an appreciation for protecting and enjoying our earth’s oceans.

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Kids Summer Camper Experiences

Learn how we are supporting families as they make decisions about this summer.