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Spring Break Teen Surf Camp at Surf City


Make this Spring Break the most fun ever and spend it surfing some of the best breaks in southeastern North Carolina! Join us for an amazing week as we shred Topsail Island and Surf City, the town named for its abundance of waves. Make your dream a reality by joining us for the Ultimate Spring Break Surf Adventure! During this awesome spring break camp, we’ll surf un-crowded beaches, having the waves all to ourselves. Whether it’s your first time riding waves or you already shred come take your surfing to the next level!

We’ll surf multiple sessions daily as our instructors coach you using our proven teaching methodology. Our 5:1 student to instructor ratio provides a safe environment to learn and allows for personalized attention during each surf session. Surf multiple beaches including Topsail, Masonboro Island, Surf City, and Wrightsville Beach.  At the end of each day, we’ll return to our ocean front beach cottage to recharge with dinner and chill time.  We are accepting only ten teens for this Ultimate Spring Break Surf Adventure, so secure your spot now!

Activities include:

  • Extensive daily surfing instruction at perfect beach breaks
  • Special surfboard seminar and discounts at local surf shops
  • Watch all time surf videos
  • Video analysis to help improve your skills
  • Play X- Box, bocci, spikeball, and other beach games

Includes accommodations on Topsail Island, all meals (starting with dinner the first day and ending with breakfast the last day), 24-hour adult supervision, shuttle to and from the Wilmington International Airport (ILM), equipment (surf board rental, rash guard usage), professional surfing instruction, daily transportation to and from activities, WB Surf Camp t-shirt, activity fees, and memorable group photo.

Campers must be tested for COVID-19 within 72 hours of arrival at camp.  Low-risk behaviors are advised after testing and prior to camp.


2021 Registration Opening Soon!

2020 Dates

Registration Deadline February 2, 2020

04/04 - 04/09
Ages 13-17

Topsail Island is a 26-mile long barrier island off the coast of southeastern North Carolina. The island is a sanctuary for sea turtles and known for its beautiful beaches. According to popular belief, pirates used to hide in the channel between the island and the mainland waiting for merchant ships loaded with goods to pass. The pirates would attack the ships and claim the cargo as their own. Eventually, the merchants became aware of the hiding place and began looking for the topsail, which was supposedly the only part of the pirate ship that could be seen by the passing victim.

Many times Topsail feels like your own private beach, with the absence of big crowds and commercial development. Topsail Beach is a clean and friendly, family oriented beach community where beautification is encouraged and conservation of the island environment is a top priority. Surf City is also home to the newly renovated Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Hospital.

We will be staying in a spacious house located on Topsail with full amenities and only steps away from the sand and surf. Plenty of food and snacks will be available in the house in order to maintain high energy throughout our full days of surfing. Though, we suggest bringing pocket money for any extra snacks you may want. Campers will be separated according to gender with instructors of the same sex providing 24 hour supervision. With the exception of the first and last nights of camp when we go out for dinner, group dinners will take place each evening where campers will help with all aspects of meals from preparation to clean up, providing them with valuable team building experiences. We are happy to coordinate and cater to any food allergies or specific diet requests. With endless sandbars stretching along the island, and minimal crowds in the water, Topsail Island is the surfers’ dream.


Chandler, Raleigh, NC – “WB Surf Camp is really fun, and you get to meet new people from all over. The counselors are really energetic and fun, and they teach you a great surfing technique that will fit you. You’ll be out in the water all the time, having the greatest time, and doing the greatest thing ever — surfing at SURF CAMP!”

Zack, Lansing, MI – “My favorite part was being able to get back in the water after so long, and I had lots of fun riding the shorter boards.”

Sophie, West Branch, IA – “I had such a great time! I had wanted to learn how to surf since I was a little kid, and doing it with WB Surf Camp was amazing. I really improved my skill while having a ton of fun. The Instructors were hilarious and cool, the other kids were a lot of fun, and the places we ate were yummy. The experience was very positive, especially because I was a bit apprehensive going into it. It was a great week, I wish it had been longer.”

Samantha, Rye, NY – “WB Surf Camp was an amazing experience for me. It really helped me develop a passion for surfing and for the ocean and the life within it. The counselors were very helpful and encouraging, and every time I fell down they would tell me what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right, and what I needed to change about my ride and position to catch the next wave. Being without access to the outside world really changed me. WB Surf Camp motivated me to get active and ditch my television, as well as spend less time on the internet and less time with my phone. I also became very close with the other campers. I would really recommend this camp for everyone.”

Kristen, Chesterfield, VA – “It was awesome! I loveeed surfing all day, every day with my friends. All the instructors were awesome and we all got along great. They knew a ton about surfing and the ocean, which was awesome to learn. My favorite part was definitely just improving. I look forward to getting a new board, which I probably wouldn’t have been able to get, without my experience at WB Surf Camp. Mahalo!!!!”


If I have never surfed before, is this camp for me?

Many of our students have never surfed before. Our program’s dynamic curriculum is tailored for both beginner through advanced surfers. The only prerequisites are to be ready to have the time of your life and be able to swim.

Where will I be surfing?

We will surf several breaks on Topsail Island, Surf City, and Wrightsville Beach. We choose the beach with the best conditions for all of our participants.

Will there be pictures of me surfing?

Our instructors will be taking photos throughout the week.We will also take video of you surfing for analysis in the evenings.

Do I need a wet suit?

We recommend bringing a 3/2 wet suit. We cannot provide wet suits, as they need to be fitted to you specifically.

What are the ages of your overnight campers?

Ages range from 12 to 16.

How old are the campers I will be rooming with?

Roommates are grouped together by age and gender in order to enhance the overall level of comfort.

What is the nearest Airport and do you have a shuttle service?

The Wilmington International Airport (ILM) is only 35 minutes away. Our counselors meet inbound campers at baggage claim, and transport everyone to our beach house.  For departing flights, counselors stay at the airport until each camper’s flight has taken off. Our office stays attuned to any delays or cancellations to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.

What if I can’t get in by the set check in time?

Please contact our full time Program Coordinator to discuss arrivals and departures outside of our preferred times. In order to avoid missing any planned activities, campers should try to get in by 1pm-3pm on the first day and leave by 9am-11am on the last day of camp.

How much spending money should I bring?

We recommend campers bring $100.  This is for snacks, souvenirs or gifts they wish to purchase.

Learn how we are supporting families as they make decisions about this summer.