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Chicama Peru Surf Camp


Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to ride a wave for over a minute? Join our founder Rick Civelli and lead advanced surf coach Flash Miranda for the surf trip of a lifetime! We challenge you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of your busy life and connect with one of the longest waves on earth. Join us to improve your water skills or just have a mind blowing surf adventure by riding this unique wave that offers an unparalleled surfing experience!


The Wave at Chicama is machine-like in its perfection. Take off at main peak and navigate through the first of many barreling sections. After you potentially have the tube of your life prepare to do turns for days. We have now entered the rip-able wall section of the wave, do as many turns as your legs will allow in this twenty five second portion of the wave. Finally your going to hit the racetrack, the name says it all, put the pedal down and make that last barrel.

This is just describing one of the many faces this wave has to offer. Chicama changes with the tide allowing for different types of maneuvers in different parts of the wave, yet you’re still going to get a forty five second to a minute ride every time. There is only one word that can describe Chicama PERFECTION. Don’t worry there will be no need to paddle or walk all the way back up the point as we have boats with the best captains in Chicama hired to shuttle all surfers back up to the point to ensure maximum surf time!

Chicama is located in central Peru right near the large city of Trujillo. The swell is consistent all year in Peru, the storms in the roaring forties of the south pacific shoot SSW, SW swell to Peru year-round. November in Peru is a transition month from spring to summer and swell will be plentiful. Look for consistent shoulder to head high plus surf throughout your adventure. The wind at Chicama is offshore all day so you can literally surf all day.

After a full days surf, you will return to our hotel for a dip in the hot tub with a cold beverage then chef prepared delicious dinners. We will be staying at Chicama Surf Resort, a true surfers paradise in a desert oasis. Relax, unwind and prepare for the next days surf. The package will include double occupancy rooms,  and will also include a pre surf breakfast, lunch and dinner.

  • Seven days/six nights
  • Daily guided surf sessions with our professional coaches
  • All Meals including daily breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Tow back boat service with every session
  • Hour long mid week massage
  • Airport transfers from/to the Trujillo Airport, (TRU) on arrival and departure day
  • TukTuk town and desert tour
  • Picture/Video analysis with our surf coaches
  • Unlimited digital photo/video downloads of your surf experience (Value $350)

A valid travel passport with at least 6 months before expiration is required for travel on this adventure. Airfare, travel insurance, and gratuities are not included.  For more information call (910) 256.7873 or e-mail our founder Rick@WBSurfCamp.com

2021 Dates

11/06 - 11/12
Ages 25+
11/06 - 11/12
Ages 25+

Arrival Day


When you arrive in Trujillo early Saturday morning, you will be greeted at the airport and brought back to the resort by transfer bus. Settle into your ocean view room and get acquainted to your soundings in Chicama. After everyone is fueled up with lunch we will all go for an afternoon surf. Dinner and a good nights rest will round out the day.

Surf Days

All of our surf day will be similar in style. Wake up around 6 am and enjoy a light breakfast and amazing organic coffee to fuel us up for an unforgettable day on the water! You will surf for 3 hours and be brought back to the point by a boat to save your energy. All am sessions will be fully photographed and some filmed. When we are finished with our first session we will head back to our resort refuel, relax and rest.

The next session will head out in the later afternoon to finish out our day in the water.  Dinner will be served around 7:30 pm and we will all talk of all the amazing rides we all had.  Picture/Video analysis of the days surfing will commence around dinner while we kick back and enjoy a cold one. During this time we will break down everyone’s surfing and discuss the conditions expected for the next day.

Departure Day

The adventure of a lifetime has finally come to a close. You will get one more surf session in, eat lunch then use the  afternoon time to pack up boards and belongings. We will depart for Trujillo airport in the late afternoon around 4:00pm as a group in the transfer bus and say our goodbyes. Our bodies will be tired and sore but our soles will be recharged after an life changing experience surfing the longest left in the world!!


We will be staying at the Chicama Boutique Hotel also known as Chicama Surf Resort. Chicama Boutique Hotel & Spa offers a place where relaxation and comfort are the norm. Enjoy the infinity pool, purify mind and body at their spa, and decompress in the pool sized jacuzzi.  Taste the exquisite Peruvian gastronomy, while enjoying one of the most amazing sunsets ever. The Hotel is located on the cliff right above the wave at Chicama. While not surfing you will be able to mind surf from the terrace while enjoying the cool south breeze. Chicama Surf Resort is truly a desert oasis.



What level of surfer do I need to be in order to join on this adventure

You will need to be a solid intermediate to advanced surfer comfortable and competent catching head high waves without assistance.

Do you provide equipment or should I bring my own?

You will want to bring a board with some volume to enjoy Chicama to its fullest. A standard shortboard or a hybrid shortboard with a bit of extra volume will work fantastically at Chicama.  The extra volume will assist you in getting into the waves with consistent offshore winds and extra weight of your wetsuit. Water temp in Chicama hovers right around 60 so a 3/2 wetsuit works perfectly. It is encouraged you bring a backup wetsuit as well and booties if you tend to get cold.

What breaks along the Peruvian coastline will I be surfing?

You will be surfing the main peak of Chicama, along with other nearby waves such as La Puinta and the Cape. While in the water we will have a  5:1 client to guide ratio. There will be limited in water coaching do the the massive expanse of the wave at Chicama, you will be coached (if needed) in the boat riding back to the point and during picture and video analysis during the week. If your an accomplished surfer just looking for an incredible surf trip we will just get you stoked and put you on the best waves of the day.

Is there any nightlife in the area where we are staying?

There isn’t any nightlife in the town of Chicama, we use nighttime to relax and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of our normal lives. We will offer a daily stretch classes as well.

Is the water safe to drink?

The water at the hotel is not safe to drink but fine to brush your teeth with. In alignment with our mission statement of environmental conservation we encourage you to bring  a refillable water bottle to reduce utilization of single use plastics and to utilize the resorts filtered drinking water.

What should I pack?

The weather is typically between 58 at night 75 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. At nighttime it can get a bit chilly so a hoddie or long-sleeve t-shirt paired with jeans will work well. During the day you will be comfortable in shorts and t-shirt.

Medical & Insurance Insurance

You will need to purchase travelers insurance that offers medivac coverage. The nearest hospital to Chicama is around an hour away. This insurance can be purchased with your airline ticket or from a third party.

What is the nearest Airport and do you have a shuttle service?

The airport you fly into is Trujillo, (TRU). Yes there will be a shuttle service waiting to pick you up. Once you sing up will will walk you through this process.

Can you connect to the internet at the hotel with a laptop and if so what is the cost? Are they set-up for wireless connections?

The internet infrastructure is not great. Emails and messages will work but streaming data will be limited. We encourage you to use this time and live in the present and disconnect from your screens.  Immerse yourself in nature an enjoy the vast expanse of the Peruvian coast.

What are the recommendations for cell phones?

Our recommendation is to turn it off, unplug from life and enjoy your time on one of the most amazing places in the world. If you do need to use your cell phone most international travel plans work. ex: Verizon = $10 daily.

What kind of non-surfing activities will we be participating in on our lay day?

This is primarily a hard core surf trip. We will go on a Chicama town/desert mountain Tuk Tuk tour. This tour will last 2-3 hours. On this you will be able to see the vast expanse of the Peruvian coast, and marvel at the amazing vistas. Not to mention have an amazing time cruising around.

Will there be pictures of me surfing?

We will have a photographer taking quality, high resolution photos every morning session throughout your week. You will be able to digitally download as many photos from your adventure as a complimentary part of this surf trip. Our team will also be posting select pictures to our Facebook and Instagram accounts as well. You will get a lot of high quality sequence shots guaranteed.

With whom will I be sharing my room?

Unless you are already attending this adventure with a friend or have paid for a single room upgrade, then we will assign you to a roommate. Roommates are grouped together by gender, and we do our best to group by age and/or interests in order to enhance the overall level of comfort for our single participants. If you snore or have sleep apnea you must get the single room upgrade if you are traveling solo.

Can I come early and/or stay after camp ends?

You sure can. If you plan on extending your stay, please note that you will be responsible for your own travel arrangements to and/or from the airport. We will line them up for you. Due to the fact that we have limited spots, please call our office 910.256.7873 as soon as possible if you would like to extend your stay.

Should we tip our instructors, hotel staff and boat captains?

Our staff works together as an efficient and friendly team. We will be your guides, instructors, entertainers, providing services for which you would normally tip at home. If at the end of the week you are pleased with the performance of your service team, a gratuity would be greatly appreciated.

Does Peru accept US Currency?

We highly recommend that you convert your US currency into Peruvian SOl, as most places only except local currency and credit cards are not widely accepted in Chicama.

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