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Overnight California Teen Surf Camp

Enrollment for 2023 Open Now!


Experience the iconic surf culture of the West Coast as part of our Teen California Surf and Adventure Camp. Travel to the state that helped revolutionize the sport and learn to surf in the wake of legends. Our unique program will take you away from the crowds to the famous Central Coast where you will be soaked in both the waves and the amazingly diverse marine environment. We will travel the coastline from the Monterey Bay Aquarium down to the Santa Barbara Channel, staying in cabins and camping in tents to experience all the beauty California has to offer.

During this 13-day program, you will be individually coached by our professional staff using our proven teaching methodology to develop a strong base of surfing fundamentals regardless of experience. This summer camp is designed for beginners with no prior surfing experience, while intermediate surfers will be able to further hone their skills. During this camp, you will be provided with the tools to continue a lifetime of surfing and ocean exploration.

Due to the dynamic shape of the coastline, swell and wind directions have a huge influence on where and when to surf. By learning local weather patterns and studying swell charts, participants will gain first-hand knowledge of wave dynamics. The central California coast is host to numerous world-class breaks. We’ll seek out the best waves, and in turn, learn the fundamentals of oceanography in our experiential adventure.

Activities include:

  • Surf morning sessions along California’s Central Coast
  • See rehabilitated sea otters and others at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Hike amazing San Luis Obispo trails
  • Kayak the Morro Bay Estuary
  • Bike along the picturesque California coastline
  • Soak in the hot springs after a morning in the surf
  • Get up close and personal with some marine mammals
  • Tour the famous Channel Islands Surf Shop
  • Visit the Santa Barbara Surf Museum

Tuition is listed below and includes lodging, camping tents, meals, 24-hour adult supervision, shuttle to and from the San Luis Obispo Airport (SBP), equipment (surfboard rental and rash guard usage), professional guides & outdoor leaders, 10 hours of community service credit, daily transportation, WB Surf Camp t-shirt, activity fees, surftificate of achievement, and memorable group photo. To secure your spot now, please select from the available date listed below. Enrollment is limited to 15 students per session.

2023 Dates

07/01 - 07/14
Ages 14-17
07/16 - 07/29
Ages 14-17
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What sets this incredible camp apart from the others is the sense of adventure it offers by combining a week of lodging in rustic log cabins with a week of camping along the craggy pristine coast in extra large two-room tents. S’mores and a crackling campfire each night are enhanced with stargazing into an illuminated crisp clear night sky with very little light pollution. You’ll fall fast asleep to the sounds of the waves off in the distance and dreams of surfing the clean Pacific rollers.

Our lodging at the Santa Margarita KOA is a rustic campground carved into the side of a hill on 70 acres covered in oaks and pines. The grounds environment consists of panoramic vistas, rolling terrain, and secluded campsites which provide an amazing setting to begin or end a day of surfing. Designed with renewable resources in mind, their passive solar cabins are a unique blend of wood milled from wind fallen trees and straw bale construction.  These bunk-style cabins sleep 10 people to accommodate groups of 35-100 and include indoor restrooms.  A large lodge and dining hall with a cozy stone fireplace and sweeping ocean views serve as the focal point for meetings and meals.

The Salina/ Monterey KOA have the comforts of a small beachside town and the quiet of a beautiful canyon. These grounds are in the heart of central California only minutes from Monterey and Santa Cruz.  Here you will get to check out the Santa Cruz Board Walk, check out the Monterey Aquarium, and surf Moss Landing.

 Morro Bay State Park features lagoon and natural bay habitat. The bay’s most prominent landmark is Morro Rock. The park has opportunities for surfing, sailing, fishing, hiking, and bird watching. The Museum of Natural History within the park has exhibits that cover natural features and cultural history, Native American life, geology, and oceanography. The park also has a colorful marina where we launch our kayak tour. On the bay’s northeast edge is a pristine saltwater marsh that supports a thriving bird population.

Surfing beaches are only a few minutes drive from all of our accommodation locations. We will surf the Morro Strand, in and around Cambria, and Moss Landing. Depending on wind and wave conditions, we may explore the region to diversify our surfing and find the best breaks on any given day, but we’ll return each day to all of our location stoked and smiling. Campers will need to bring sleeping bags, pads, and mess kits along with a list of other important items, provided upon registration for the camping portion.



After flying to the West Coast, we know that you’ll be eager to experience the California lifestyle. Your trip leaders will be waiting for you at the San Luis Obispo International Airport and then we’re off to our cozy cabins for orientation, after which we’ll eat dinner at a tasty restaurant. We’ll want to get a good night’s rest in for all the different adventures to come – starting with our first surf session to uncover all the hidden treasures of the Central Coast. First up, surfing! After sliding into our wetsuits, we’ll all go through Ground School, where our staff will talk about important surfing-related topics before we ride our first waves. Maintaining our safe 3:1 ratio, campers receive professional instruction from our lifeguard certified instructors throughout this adventure.


Today, we’ll be charging again with a full day of surfing on tap, and we’ll be riding some of Morro Bay’s renowned breaks.  We’ll occasionally stop and rest, giving us the opportunity to explore some local tidepools. The following day we’ll switch it up: instead of paddling on boards, we’ll paddle in kayaks to see the water from a different perspective. Exploring Morro Bay with the help of a local naturalist, we’ll glide along the estuary and then giving our tired arms a break, hike along the coastline learning about local flora and fauna in addition to the Chumash Indians who used to inhabit the area.


Next, we’ll travel down the coast to Santa Barbara and check out Rincon, one of the most iconic west-coast surf breaks. We will visit a local shaper at the historic Channel Islands Surf Shop to provide some inspiration for our next day’s surf session, as well as check out the Santa Barbara Wharf. While in California, we’ll do our best to keep it as pristine as possible. We do this through periodic beach clean-ups and the community service we will participate in at the Sweet Springs Nature Reserve.


Now it’s time to take our adventure on the road, as we head to the Monterey area. Once we arrive, we’ll settle into our cabins and then begin exploring local breaks like Moss Landing and La Selva Beach. To add some adventure, we’ll take a few short hikes, all of which offer incredible coastal views and some of the most photographed images in the Monterey Bay/Santa Cruz area. We’ll visit the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium where we’ll come face-to-face with sharks, seals, otters, sea lions, sea stars, and penguins. Finally, we will take off on a scenic bike ride along the Monterey Bay Coastal Trail for some different exercise and more amazing views!


During our final days of this amazing trip, we return to some of our favorite surf breaks outside Morro Bay. We’ll spend the last few days soaking up the surf, camping in sight of Morro Rock (a famous landmark), roasting s’mores, and enjoying beautiful sunsets. To recover from this action-packed two weeks, we’ll give our paddling muscles a nice relaxing soak at Avila Hot Springs.

Throughout the two weeks our campers get to truly experience the California lifestyle. Paddling into waves, hiking through the forests, learning about local customs and people are all part of a unique experience that’s hard to match. As our last day of camp arrives, we say goodbye to the California way of life. But know that the memories we have made and the bonds we have formed will be with us forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide equipment or should I bring my own?

All equipment is provided. We provide a variety of boards to use during your California adventure. There are shortboards, fun boards, fishes, and longboards available for you to use. Intermediate to advanced surfers can bring up to two surfboards.

Where will I be surfing?

While the beaches around Morro Bay will be some of our primary surfing breaks during our California Surf Camp, we’ll also travel the coast from Monterey to Santa Barbara exploring the culture and the different breaks. This allows us to get a really rich surf experience, in addition to seeing some of the most beautiful coastlines in California.

What kind of non-surfing activities will we be participating in?
  • Visit the famous Monterey Bay Aquarium
  • Hike and kayak in the incredible Santa Barbara & Morro Bay areas
  • Elephant Seal colony discovery in Piedras Blancas
  • Earn 10 credits of Community Service working alongside The Morro Bay National Estuary Program and
  • Pacific Wildlife Center
  • Visit the Santa Cruz Surf Museum
  • Explore surfing’s most prestigious Channel Islands Surf Shop where Al Merrick has been shaping world champion’s boards for over three decades
Will there be pictures of me surfing?

We will be taking taking high quality, high resolution photos throughout the week. We will be posting pics to Instagram and FaceBook as well as viewing them at camp.

How old are the campers I will be rooming with?

Roommates are grouped together by gender and age.

Jessica- East Hills, NY

“WB surf Central California opened my eyes to how amazing surfing really is. It also showed me how beautiful and different California is from anywhere else. Thanks to WB I feel comfortable surfing in the water :)”

Sophie- Sao Paolo, Brazil

“It was the perfect summer camp ever! I really enjoyed this experience ! Thanks for everything, it was AWESOME!”

Allison- Manitoba, Canada

“This was by far the best surfing experience I’ve ever had. Not only did I learn an abundance of knowledge in the water, but I also learnt many life lessons from the instructors out of the water. I did not expect to have such an amazing time in California. I got to meet people I will never forget, who knew you can get so close to people in two weeks! We were a group, “we sink and swim together”, and that created a bond between all of us that can never break. I got to surf waves like never before, just in two weeks I improved tenfold. By the second day I fulfilled my first goal of a bottom turn and riding down the line! Couldn’t have asked for a better surfing experience!”

Parent- Burbank, CA

“Wow!!! I was so impressed! It was great to know Holly was in excellent hands! What an experience she had! Not only do I love all that they did and learned, I’m amazed that she remembered it! Thank you for sharing this experience with her. What an experience she had!”

Harry- Brooklyn, NY

“I wanted to really love surfing, to back home and get a board and surf a lot. I wanted to get hooked on it – and WB Surf Camp made that happen in California. I’d love to travel and see different waves, now that I see what it’s like. I think traveling around and surfing would be the coolest combination. To see the sights and surf – it’s amazing.”

John- West Orange, NJ

“I’m from New Jersey, and we haven’t had any waves for a while. It’s great to surf some fun waves out here in California, and it’s a good trip. I just really WB Surf Camp, the counselors are always great and you get to travel and surf with other kids your age—it’s really fun.”

Griffin- McLean, VA

“I caught a bunch of waves, and the counselors are really great because they’re so encouraging. I stood up a lot and got to go down the line, which is what you’re supposed to do. The camp in California was really cool.”

Parent- Gualala, CA

“Thank you for providing such a rich, fun, and educational experience for all of these kids.”

Lianne- Long Island, NY

“After having a bad experience my first time trying to surf in New York, I decided I’d give the sport a second try. Going to a surf camp was something completely different from my normal summers and it was truly an incredible experience. Learning to surf was not the only memorable thing, but I also made so many friends within such a short amount of time that I will keep forever, and had awesome counselors who truly enjoyed being with us! I will always remember and cherish WB Surf Camp and I will definitely continue surfing and loving all that the ocean has to offer.”

Laura- Wilmington, NC

“This is what I know. I love surfing. From the moment that I caught my first wave, immediately something inside me told me that I must continue this at every given moment. Gliding through the water and not knowing what do to next, drives the beginner surfer to want more. Throughout my week at WB Surf Camp I learned not only to ride waves, but about people and life in general. The world has so many great things to contribute to each individual; I found that through my instructors and peer campers.”

Rachael- Flagstaff, AZ

“The instructors were all energetic, patient and well trained. Each of us was taught on an individual basis at our own pace. They were very thorough in training us about ocean safety (something my dad was very happy about!).”

Mike- Shaker Heights, OH

“When I came to WB Surf Camp I had very little experience on a surfboard, but after only two days with these great instructors, I could already stand up very well and even began to go sideways down the wave some. I not only learned surfing technique, but also safety (which made my Mom feel a lot better about me surfing).”

Erin- Ann Arbor, MI

“No doubt it is the sport itself which makes me feel so good, but I must thank you profusely, for were it not for the well-organized camp program, including the dedication of your instructors, the quality of the provided equipment, and the additional activities, I might not have enjoyed my first experience quite as much. I was *very* impressed with everything overall. I love the fact that you have chosen to include marine ecology/environmental related lectures/field trips.”

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