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Surf Instructor Certification

WB Surf Camp’s Instructor Development Program is a 5 level program that provides a structure for the certification of Surf Instructors through a process of education, experience, and evaluation. The goal of our program is to improve the quality, safety, and consistency of surf instruction.

Our industry-leading proprietary teaching system has been developed over the last 25 years. Therefore, this certification program is only available to other Surf Schools and Camps that are part of our Authorized Provider Network.

The WB Surf Camp Advantage

Training with WB Surf Camp offers:

  • Convenience – Classes are scheduled at our training headquarters in Wrightsville Beach, NC. This key geographic location is equally accessible for the entire East Coast. West coast training takes place in San Diego.
  • Cost-effective training – All materials and instruction are provided, whether you want one course or several. And because WB Surf Camp is an organization dedicated to quality instruction, the dollars you invest in training go right back into the quality and reputation of your program to support your local surfing community.
  • Consistency Nationwide – Our customer-tested standardized courses with a solid base of practiced instructors to deliver them. Whether you are from Los Angeles, New York, or Cocoa Beach, you’ll receive the same high quality training through our professional instructional team.
  • Complete Ocean Training –  Our progressive training offers complete, flexible programs that help you grow your business and stay prepared for the ever-changing requirement of this blossoming high growth industry.
  • Courses are Developed by our Experts – WB Surf Camp’s materials are developed in collaboration with leading educational authorities and reflect the most current information and our tested techniques.
  • Certified Instructors – High quality, standardized surf instructor training is provided nationwide to maximize your clients learning and progression process.
  • Participant Certification – Nationally recognized course completion certificates are presented to participants who meet the course objectives.
  • Relief from Record-Keeping Burden – Participant and instructor certification and re-certification records are maintained at WB Surf Camp’s Headquarters. Our service commitment means that you can just focus on training and instruction while leaving the administrative chores to us.

Certification Levels

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