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Ocean Safety Certification Programs

This certification program is primarily for youth groups, school groups, and boy/girl scouts between the age of 8–12, 13 –17, and 18-22 years.

The course is designed to teach a sound understanding of beach safety, basic first aid skills, and ocean rescue techniques. WB Surf Camp believes that all school aged kids and teens should have a basic understanding of ocean dynamics, water safety, sun protection, and basic first aid to help prevent injuries and beach related fatalities. It is our hope to help eliminate rip current related fatalities along area beaches through education and experience.

Our dynamic curriculum is broken down into three specific age demographics: 8-12, 13–17, and 18–22. All courses are completed with one full day of comprehensive fun and hands-on education.

All participants who successfully complete this training course will receive a recognition of safety and achievement award and certification.

Call us to set up your groups ocean safety certification session. 910.256.7873

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