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Lifeguard Training & Certification

Are you 15 or older and looking for a great summer job or a challenging career? Would you love to become a surf instructor and want to complete your first prerequisite? Great news! At WB Surf Camp, our team of professional Surf Instructors are certified by the American Red Cross to teach you how to become a lifeguard!

This certification will qualify you to work as part of a team that helps people safely enjoy the water. Being a lifeguard will help you develop skills and experiences that will be valued by colleges and future employers. It’s a great way to demonstrate that you can deal effectively with people, have a take-charge attitude, and are willing to work to develop new skills.

Surf Camp Lifeguard Training Certification

35 hour course. Includes Lifeguard Training and Community First Aid certification, as well as CPR for the Professional Rescuer certification. Pre-requisites: Participants must be 15 years of age by the end of the course; swim 500 yards continuously using a combination of crawl, breast, and side strokes; surface dive to a minimum of 7 feet and retrieve a 10 lb. object; tread water for 2 minutes using legs only. Course includes instruction in aquatic surveillance, basic rescues, and first aid. CPR for the Professional Rescuer includes instruction in recognizing and providing care for cardiac and breathing emergencies for adults, children, and infants. Participants must pass 2 written exams with 80% minimum, demonstrate competency in all critical skills, and successfully complete two final skills scenarios. Lifeguard Training certificate is valid 3 years. CPR for the Professional Rescuer is valid for 1 year.

What You Will Learn

WB Surf Camp training makes learning fun and easy. Through classroom learning and hands-on practice, you’ll learn:

  • Surveillance skills to help you recognize and prevent injuries
  • Rescue skills – in the water and on land
  • First aid training and professional rescuer CPR – to help you prepare for any emergency
  • Professional lifeguard responsibilities like interacting with the public and addressing uncooperative patrons

Our Lifeguard Training Certification program is better than ever! It includes:

  • A single, condensed book for class and reference
  • A lifeguard-specific first aid and CPR video
    Today’s life guards are responsible for the safety and well being of friends, family and neighbors alike. They hold the key to making sure everyone has a great time while hanging out around the water this summer. Come learn exciting and rewarding skills the WB Surf Camp way!

*Program can be combined with our Ocean Safety Cert for enhanced Ocean Rescue Training

Learn how we are supporting families as they make decisions about this summer.