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Posted by Rick Civelli | 04.04.2008 | WB Surf Camp News

2008 Teen Surf Camp Catalogs arrived!

Our new Teen Surf Camp Catalog have arrived! Everyone in the office was super excited yesterday as we flipped through the bright colorful photos that graced all 40 pages. The glossy pages with salty, happy smiles created a grin on all of our faces.

This catalog truly captures how special and unique our camps really are. What Surf Camp has to offer is truly magical, and the great memories and relationships campers have the chance to make! It makes me want to be a teenager again, and the common phrase in the office was “wow, I wish I’d gone to Surf Camp when I was a teenager!” (And that’s no joke!)- If you’d like to check out a catalog please let me know! I can send one right to your door!

*70 degrees today with waist to stomach high, glassy waves!