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Surf Instructor Level 4 Certification

WB Surf Camp’s Instructor Development Program is a 5 level program that provides a structure for the certification of Surf Instructors through a process of education, experience, and evaluation. The goal of our program is to improve the quality, safety and consistency of surf instruction at beaches across America.

Surf Instructor Level 4 Prerequisite:

  • Current American Red Cross Lifeguard Certification
  • Current CPR/First Aid Certification
  • Current Wilderness First Aid Certification
  • Hold current Level 3 Surf Camp Certification
  • At least ten years personal surfing experience
  • 28 years of age or older
  • Have logged 400 hours of in water instruction time
  • Pass on-line knowledge base/ skill tests for level 4 cert
  • Attend WB Surf Camp Level 4 Certification Program (38 hours of instruction)
  • Present WB Surf Camp with recorded log book of acceptable instruction time
  • Present WB Surf Camp with proof of all current certifications

This level of certification is for the most experienced instructors with excellent organizational, management, lifesaving and inter-personal communication skills who have proven themselves both in and out of the water. This level of certification is designed for elite watermen/women. It allows for competition-based instruction for intermediate to advanced surfers. It provides a foundation for the instructor experience, qualifications, and knowledge base suitable to direct/own their own successful program. All level 4 instructors will demonstrate that their surfing and teaching ability is of a standard acceptable to WB Surf Camp. This training and certification is recommended for those wishing to enhance their knowledge base and increase their pay scale as a program director.

Call our office (910)256-7873 to schedule your  surf instructor 4 certification class.

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