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2013 Adult Costa Rica Week 1 Comes To An Adventurous End

Posted by Sage Island | 01.26.2013 | Costa Rica Surf Camp

Wheaton Academy Has a Blast and Wraps Up Costa

Posted by Sage Island | 01.17.2013 | Costa Rica Surf Camp, Teen Camps

Wheaton Academy Costa Rica 2013 – Surf Science and Service

Posted by Sage Island | 01.13.2013 | Costa Rica Surf Camp, Teen Camps

Surfer of the Week 10/10/12 – Myles Beach

Posted by Rick Civelli | 10.11.2012 | Surfer of the Week

Instructor of the Week is Back! – Kirstin Thompson

Posted by Rick Civelli | 10.08.2012 | Surfer of the Week

Looking for a Weekend Escape to the Coast? Come Learn to Surf during our Fall Weekend Camps!

Posted by Rick Civelli | 09.26.2012 | Family Surf Camps, Surfing Lessons, WB Surf Camp News

Learn how we are supporting families as they make decisions about this summer.