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Wrightsville Beach Web Cam

222 Causeway Drive
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480
Toll Free 1.866.844.7873



Boat Trips - Surf Travel - Surf Vacations

When planning your next surf vacation, don’t limit yourself to the typical surf camp or surf resort. After all, as surfers we spend most of our time on the water. So, why not spend your next surf trip on the water? Boat trips are one of the greatest experiences and adventures you can have as a surfer. Whether sailing among the magical Caribbean waters or motoring through the exotic Mentawais of Indonesia, there is no greater excitement than pulling up to a perfect reeling reef break, jumping off the boat, and being right in the lineup. There can be a lot of choices when deciding on a destination and choosing a boat charter. Here’s a few helpful tips when doing your research.

As far as destinations go, most places in the world where a boat is a good option include island chains within the tropics. Most mainland surf spots that can be accessed by car within a short drive of one another usually are, and with that comes their crowds. Boats are reserved for hard to access/inaccessible surf spots along a coast, outer reefs, and locations where a car just isn’t an option. Checking a couple spots may mean crossing a deep island channel or navigating around terrain by sea which may have taken hours by road/foot. Trekking out to sea to explore these options can be extremely rewarding, as the spots you pull up to are typically empty of crowds and pure perfection!

Let us be your boat guide to find the most reliable and dependable boat charters out there. Nothing is worse than a being stranded out at sea, far from port, with no plan, no supplies, and no surf. Be sure to book the best boat in the water and prepare for one of the coolest trips of your life!