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Teen Surf Camps

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Hawaii Surf Camp - Teen Summer Camp Adventure

Join WB Surf Camp for the teen learn to surf adventure of a lifetime! We invite teens ages 13 – 17, to come explore the incredible island of Oahu with us on an extraordinary adventure that you will never forget. We take you to the most beautiful, famous, and treasured landmarks around the island to give you the full Hawaii experience.

You’ll spend your days surfing a variety of breaks on Oahu, having the time of your life, with our professional instructors and newfound friends cheering you on! Away from the crowds of Waikiki, we’ll take you to surf the secluded coves and secret beaches of the North and South shores to provide you with the best environment possible for learning how to surf. You will learn about the ancient Hawaiian culture while earning 10 hours of community service credit during your stay.

This is a learn-to-surf adventure; prior surfing experience is not required. During the summer, waves are about waist high, and the water is clear and warm. Participants will use safe, soft boards, and learn about ocean safety and basic surfing fundamentals. We keep an impressive in-water student to instructor ratio of 3:1.

Activities include: Surf Camp - Barbados Teen Summer Surf Camp

  • Surf instruction at secluded breaks on both the North and South Shore
  • Hike and exploring tidal pools around Makapu’u Point
  • Explore marine life while snorkeling Hanauma Bay
  • Experience an authentic Hawaiian luau
  • Tour of the Waikiki Aquarium
  • Visit to the Dole Pineapple Plantation
  • Hike the famous Diamond Head Crater
  • Visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona
  • Earn 10 hours of community service on environmental service projects

Below tuition includes lodging on the University of Hawaii at Manoa’s beautiful campus, all meals, 24-hour same gender adult supervision, shuttle to and from the airport (HNL), equipment, professional surfing instruction (3:1 student to instructor ratio), daily transportation, activity fees, Surf Camp t-shirt, Surf Camp’s Pre-Surf Stretching Guide, Surfing Etiquette Guide, Sea Turtle/Coastal Conservation Guide, surfticate of achievement, and group photo. Each person is responsible for roundtrip airfare to HNL. To secure your spot now, please select from the available date(s) listed below. Enrollment limited to 12 students.

This learn-to-surf program is not affiliated or associated with the University of Hawaii or the University of Hawaii's summer camps.

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There are no available dates for this Teen Hawaii Surf Camp at this time.


Your WB Surf Camp trip leaders will be excitedly waiting for you as you land at the Honolulu International Airport. Once everyone arrives we’ll head to the University of Hawaii at Manoa, which sits on 320 acres in the beautiful Manoa Valley just outside Honolulu. After we get settled into our rooms we’ll go through orientation, talk about camp rules, and discuss our schedule for the next two weeks. You’ll receive your introduction to the world of surfing through our Ground School, where our staff will talk about important surfing-related topics like ocean safety, marine life, sun protection, and pop-ups before we ride our first waves. We partner with local surf schools that provide us with an incredible resource for learning about the island and Hawaiian culture on top of their stellar surf instruction.

Before we head out to surf each day, we’ll perform pop-ups and stretching to warm up our muscles. One of Oahu’s best beach breaks provides great beginner waves, just right for our campers. We’ll spend plenty of time in the water, but we’ll also spend equal amount of time being immersed in some of the other wonders Hawaii has to offer. Hanauma Bay is one of the premier snorkeling sites in all of Hawaii, here we’ll snorkel crystal clear waters while hundreds of colorful fish and giant turtles feed off the corals in front of your very eyes! Diamond Head Crater, also known as Le’ahi, is a crater formed approximately 300,000 years ago by a volcanic eruption. This magnificent landmark offers stunning views of the shoreline, creating jaw dropping photo opportunities.

Throughout our morning sessions you’ll become more knowledgeable about wave prediction, timing your paddling, and popping up. Our daily seminars and interactive discussions will teach you the importance of understanding wave dynamics, types of breaks, surfing etiquette, proper surfboard care, and coastal conservation. No visit to Oahu is complete without a trip to the North Shore. Next, we’ll check out (not surf) the world famous Banzai Pipeline, Waimea Bay, and Sunset Beach, followed by a stop at Dole Pineapple Plantation for the ultimate pineapple experience. We’ll end our day at the Polynesian Cultural Center, where we’ll tour 8 villages and attend an authentic Hawaiian luau, feasting on traditional foods. This day will be one to remember!

The next two days will be a combination of surfing, snorkeling, and service learning. Oahu offers many pristine snorkel destinations, so we’ll do some further underwater discovery in the waters of Makaha Beach, Waimea Bay, and Kapiolani Beach Park. By now, we’ve completed five hours of community service in the form of beach sweeps. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a massive collection of trash accumulated and suspended in the North Pacific Gyre which brushes up against the Hawaiian Islands. This gyre covers an area the size the continental United States, with over 80% of this debris coming from land.

With plenty of time to rest in between surfs, we are sure to take the time needed to recharge to make the most of our water time. When we make our way back to the beach, the energy of the ocean is felt as everyone trades waves and hoots each other on. One of the many positive aspects of surfing is that as your wave riding ability improves, so does your personal confidence. Not only does it feel amazing, it gives you the tools you need to face the challenges that life will undoubtedly throw at you. We’ll complete our community service by doing some environmental conservation work with a local non-profit.

It’s hard to believe that this two-week adventure is coming to a close. Our intimate group of twelve campers has become like a family, and by now you’re planning which WB Surf Camp trip you’ll reconnect on next summer. Don’t worry; we still have plenty of surf time left! We’ll surf four more sessions in these final days, solidifying your stoke and working on reaching your personal goals. We’ll pay our final respects when we visit the Pearl Harbor Navy Base, home to the USS Arizona Memorial. This memorial was constructed in honor of the 1,177 crewmen who lost their lives during World War II. We’ll finish the day touring the Waikiki Aquarium and go for an authentic outrigger canoe ride. When our final day of camp arrives, we say “Mahalo” to Hawaii and each other but not to the Aloha way of life. On the flight home you will begin dreaming about next summer’s WB Surf Camp adventure!



University of Hawaii at Mānoa

Founded in 1907, the University of Hawaii at Mānoa is the flagship campus of the University of Hawaii System. A destination of choice, students and faculty come from across the nation and the world to take advantage of UH Mānoa's unique research opportunities, diverse community, nationally-ranked Division I athletic program, and beautiful landscape. Located in the stunning Mānoa Valley just outside downtown Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu, this 320 acre campus serves as home base for our entire stay.

Only a short drive from the South Shore, Hawaii’s most consistent and popular wave riding location in the summers, UH gives us access to all that the South Shore has to offer. We are within only a couple of miles from Diamond Head Crater, one of Oahu’s ancient volcanic relics. Hopping on the H1 Highway will take us straight to Pearl Harbor, the Dole Plantation, and on up to the North Shore which is the most popular surfing destination in the world. Nearly every world champion surfer has been crowned here, which is appropriate since this is where surfing was born. We will explore the reefs by snorkeling and free diving, and enjoy the majesty of the Seven Mile Miracle that is the North Shore from Haleiwa, to Waimea Bay, and on up to Sunset Beach.

No matter what side of the island we are on, the water visibility is incredible and the water temperature is perfect! Each day we’ll ride the waves above and snorkel the depths below to discover all of the life that Hawaii has to offer, then head back to the dorms for a good night’s rest within the beautiful Mānoa Valley.


Jack, Lemoore, CA - "I had a great time at camp. In fact, I shed tears when we all left. The instructors were all very nice to us and talked to us if we had any issues. Everything we did was really fun and I enjoyed being in Hawaii. Thank you WB Surf Camp for providing an amazing summer camp."

Scott, Fredericksburg, VA - "When I landed in Honolulu, I had some expectations for camp, but those were instantly blown away. WB Surf Camp was insane, the best two weeks of my life. I met people there that I will never forget, and I gained a skill that will last a lifetime, surfing. Leaving camp was the worst thing about it. I almost cried when my flight touched down at home, and that's a lot for a 15 year old dude."

Florence, Quebec, CANADA - "The teen Hawaii surf camp was an amazing experience. You can make a lot of friends that you will have forever and you can improve you surf skills so that you can surf on your own back home. I strongly recommend it to all teenagers from all over the world."

Ilia, Decatur, GA - “ I arrived at WB Surf Camp a little nervous, but from the moment I arrived until the very end, the trip turned out to be a blast. All the other campers were funny and I made friends fast. Just being in Hawaii was awesome. I had always wanted to surf ever since I was a little kid and it lived up to my expectations. When I signed up I thought 2 weeks would be the right length, but when the camp ended, I had had such a fun time surfing, hanging out with all my new friends and being in Hawaii, that I just wanted to stay another 2 weeks.”

Kris, Old Lyme, CT – “ WB Surf Camp in Hawaii was the best camp I have ever attended. Every morning, we would surf and then in the afternoons/evenings we would do other activities, like snorkeling or visiting famous sites. I really bonded with the teens and counselors at camp, and have become pen pals with two of them. I thought I would be homesick, but I never did and actually wished I could have stayed longer. Thank you so much!”

Aisling, Suffolk, VA – “My experience with WB Surf Camp was in one word: UNFORGETTABLE! I had such a great time with all of the friendly campers and counselors. I recommend this camp to anyone looking to learn how to surf with the most fun and surf knowledgeable people I have ever met! I hope that I can attend a WB Surf Camp every summer until I am too old to be a camper...and then become a counselor! The Luau was AMAZING! Not only was the food great, but we also got the chance to watch people hula multiple times on stage and also try to hula ourselves! The hike to the waterfall was  the most fun and exciting hike I have ever been on! I would hike that trail everyday if I could just to see the waterfall and go swimming!!!!!”

Charlotte, Ardmore, PA – “The Teen Hawaii Surf Camp has to be the most fun thing I have ever, ever, ever done in my whole life! Just being in Hawaii was amazingly beautiful, but having the best counselors and campers was so much fun!!! This was the best surfing that I think I have ever done in my life and something about the waves and the water made me never want to get out - even when my arms were so tired I could barely paddle! Visiting the North Shore where all the big contests are in the winter was amazing, and we saw sea turtles in Waimea Bay- real close up, 2 sea turtles in one day! The luau was super fun. We got to eat poi and were given leis, and saw this cool Samoan guy climb up a coconut tree, and the fire dancers. Climbing Diamond Head was also real cool, and we could see everything from up there!!!"

Jack, Naples, FL – “When I got home, my parents and friends said that there was something different about me that was a good thing that happened during WB Surf Camp, though they couldn’t quite put their finger on it. Being at Surf Camp, we really felt that aloha spirit, and I know that that is something that I will keep with me forever and ever! I know that I really want to keep surfing as much as I can and come back to camp next year, maybe for the whole summer, and I can’t wait for Surf Camp next year!!!! Thank you guys so much!! And I’ll see you next year!!!!”

Melissa, Boulder, CO – “Waking up to a beautiful view and environment every day of the weeks I spent in Oahu, Hawaii were the most rewarding experiences I've had in my life. The feeling of the ocean pounding against you when paddling out, the ocean's swell carrying you to shore, it just makes you feel so alive. It's a feeling I have never felt before, and if I had the option, I would go back out there any day.”

Arielle, New York, New York – “While I am at WB Surf Camp I am surrounded by many of the things that I believe are most important in life. The beauty of nature, making friends, and having fun doing something you love with great people. Also, learning about marine biology and eco-systems was something my teachers were glad I did while on school vacation. The knowledge and support of great counselors who teach you and keep you safe is invaluable. Being with other kids who are also interested in surfing, just like you are, brings you close.”

Ilana, Phoenix, AZ – “I can say that every expectation my son had was fulfilled and then some. Your staff did a terrific job of making this an experience of a lifetime. The only bad thing was that he came back determined to live in Hawaii. We'll deal with that in the future. Sometimes there are experiences that we have growing up that are life-changing. This was that for Ben. He loved the kids and the instructors, the surfing, and especially the ambience of being in Hawaii. So thanks, and keep up the good work!”

Hilary, Antioch, CA – “The highlight of my summers is going to Surf Camp. You meet amazing people, and have the time of your life.”


If I have never surfed before, is this camp for me?
Yes, this is a learn to surf camp. About 90% of our students have never surfed before, let alone held a surfboard. Our program’s dynamic curriculum is tailored to beginners. The only prerequisites are that you’re able to swim and ready to have the time of your life.

Where do we stay?
Surf Campers stay in suites at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, a beautiful 320-acre campus nestled in a residential neighborhood in Honolulu, less than three miles from the coast.

Where will I be surfing?
We like to sneak off to the secluded beaches away from the crowds of Waikiki. To give us a better variety of breaks, we will split our time between the secret coves of the North Shore and the hidden beginner breaks of the South Shore, giving you the best experience possible in a variety of locations.

What kind of non-surfing activities will we be participating in?

  • Snorkel Hanauma Bay
  • Tour the Waikiki Aquarium
  • Explore tide pools
  • Hike Makapu’u Point
  • Tour the Polynesian Cultural Center
  • Take an outrigger canoe ride
  • Enjoy an authentic Hawaiian luau!
  • Visit Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona

Do you provide equipment or should I bring my own?
All equipment is provided including surfboards and SPF 50 long sleeve rashguards ensuring the best experience possible.

What are the ages of your overnight campers?
Participants in the Hawaii program are ages 13 - 17.

How old are the campers I will be rooming with?
Roommates are grouped together by age in order to enhance the overall level of comfort.

What do I need to bring?
You will receive a detailed packing list with your registration materials. For the most part, you shouldn’t have to purchase much that you don’t already have at home. We recommend that girls bring board shorts, which may need to be purchased from your local surf shop or department store. All campers need to bring a mask, snorkel, and fins.

How much spending money should I bring?
We recommend campers bring $100 to $150. This is for special food items and snacks, souvenirs, or gifts they wish to purchase while at camp.

For other general camp FAQs, please click here.