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Adult Surf Camps

Day Camps
Wrightsville Beach, NC
Topsail Island, NC

Overnight Camps
British Virgin Islands
Playa Grande, Costa Rica


Wrightsville Beach Web Cam

222 Causeway Drive
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480
Toll Free 1.866.844.7873


Tortola British Virgin Islands Caribbean BVI

Tortola Caribbean Adult Surf Camp

Join us on the Ultimate Caribbean Tortola Surf Camp led by our top program directors. This unique adventure is designed for beginner to intermediates and takes place on magical islands with translucent waters, soul warming sun, and sugar white sands. You can put your pirate map away, because we have designed the ultimate Caribbean Tortola learn to surf or improve your skills vacation. This island chain is beyond a doubt Margaritaville, friendly people, mind-blowing scenery, crystal azure warm waters, and great consistent beginner surf. The Tortola islands government is adamant about maintaining its serenity by strictly curbing development on this island paradise. You will not find a single high-rise hotel, and only a few traffic lights exist.

WB Surf Camp’s policy is to always respect the locals. We have teamed up with several amazing friends/local operators with valid applicable Tortola trade licenses. Upon arrival in Tortola we will pick you up and within ten minutes you will have your toes in the sand and a cold beverage in your hand. Our Tortola accommodations are just five-minutes to our main surf spot. We will surf a beautiful beach break on Tortola, have a night time moonlit dinner on our own private island, and watch the most amazing sunsets in the Caribbean.

Adult BVI Surf Camp - Reviews from WB Surf Camp Productions

After surfing and exploring on Tortola, we will enjoy tantalizing island morsels and lively nighttime activities. We will personally introduce you to the best living Reggae musician on the planet. You will have the opportunity to enjoy Tortola famous island style Pain Killers or sip on the local island beverage of your choice. This is an exclusive surf camp led by our top directors where we only take 6 clients to a very magical place on earth.

Includes lodging double occupancy, continental breakfast, lunch, airport shuttle from EIS or Road Town Ferry Dock, equipment(surf board rentals- long boards only, rashguards), professional surfing instruction (3:1 student to instructor ratio), SUP excursion, daily transportation on Tortola, tee shirt, activity fees, WB Surf Camps guide to Pre-Surf Stretching, WB Surf Camps guide to Surfing Etiquette, WB Surf Camp Tote, sticker, and group photo. Airfare and dinner are additional. Flight destination is Saint Thomas (STT) or Beef Island Tortola airport code (EIS). For more specific information please call toll free 1.866.421.9283 (WAVE)

2016 Tortola Adult Surf Camp Dates:

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March 4 - March 10 ages 25+ $2595
March 11 - March 17 ages 25+ $2595



DAY 1:
Flying over the islands of the northern Caribbean, you are dazzled by the swirling aquamarine colors of the reefs fringing the islands dotted below knowing that soon you’ll be soaking in them. Upon landing, your WB Surf Camp Directors will greet you as you walk out from the frosted glass doors beyond the customs checkpoint. As their stoke and smiles welcome you, the warm Caribbean sun illuminates your face and the tropic breeze catches your hair…you are in Paradise!

Your first day will be spent unwinding, relaxing, adjusting to the mellow island lifestyle, and shaking off the layers of winter which have been piling up since November. The pool has a swim up bar, so if you arrive early you can grab a cocktail, relax, and soak while airport runs are being made. As the sun sets to the west of the island mountains, your directors will gather everyone together for an evening of inviting orientation, introductions, and dinner at our hotel’s restaurant to get things kicked off.

DAY 2:
No alarms, no meetings, no kids. As you slowly open your eyes to a slowly whirring fan casting a cool breeze over you, you realize you really aren’t in Kansas any longer! You lay there for just a few extra moments savoring the peace and silence. The air is warm with a sweet tropical smell to it. All of a sudden, from way out in the ocean of your sleepy brain comes the wave and rush of the fact that you are here! You are here to surf in the BVI’s!!! A new energy surges from the fantasy you’ve been dreaming about all year into the rest of your body as it is now a reality. Your heads pops up off the pillow, you throw on your bathing suit, and practically roll out of bed and into breakfast.

Your WB Surf Camp Directors have the boards loaded and trucks ready to roll as you double check to make sure you have your sunscreen, towel, and water bottle. Almost as soon as you’re in the vehicle and adjusted into your seat, we pull up to a magical bay. After arriving and setting up on the most beautiful beach in the world, your instructors familiarize everyone with safety procedures, local wave dynamics, and how to catch your first wave. With each wave, layers of stress, tension, and worries are peeled off as the ocean does what it does best…gives life! It abounds here, as you’ll see. Pelicans glide through the lineup, their wings tickling the lips of picture perfect peeling waves, and lush tropical foliage encapsulates our own private cove.

After a full day of surfing, we will unwind at our favorite island hideaway. In fact, it’s actually on its own little island. This hidden treasure is an adventure in dining that you will never forget. It provides unique music and entertainment, along with some of the freshest and most delicious food in Tortola. It’s our Founder’s favorite and you are guaranteed a great evening before retreating back to the hotel to rest for tomorrow.

DAY 3:
You awake to another day in paradise with fresh fruit and coffee to get things moving. By now your directors have already had at least two cups of fresh local java and have the trucks ready to go for another full day of wave riding. Today’s focus will be on surfing etiquette and surfing laws along with structured surf lessons. We will also be dedicating a specific session for time behind the lens taking photos to later review and analyze to help further increase your skills and wave riding abilities.

Today you may notice some familiar faces from dinner the night before as this beach serves as a favorite for local families to come and enjoy their Sundays surfing, playing volleyball, and spending time with their kids. Lunch is provided daily by our favorite cook on the island. She has the best café on this beach and makes our lunches special and fresh each day. When your arms feel like noodles and you’ve surfed as much as you can handle in the late afternoon, take two steps over and enjoy a cool Caribbean cocktail at the solitary beach-side bar. Now just sit back and enjoy the flowing warm colors of the sun setting behind the bay, as you hear the last of the day’s set waves roll in across the flat gentle reef.

Back at the hotel it’s dinner and photo analysis with WB Surf Camp’s professional coaches. Here you’ll be able to see exactly what you are or are not doing out in the water. It is an incredibly valuable tool in surf coaching from the beginner to the professional level. Every movement and position of the body translates to how your board reacts in the water, and your coaches will maximize your wave count, length of rides, and maneuvering through this detailed approach to instruction. This is where you can really utilize your instructors’ knowledge base, see playbacks, and ask questions about technique and positioning. Later in the evening, if you ask really nicely, who knows, maybe they’ll even break out their instruments and play some tunes for you.

DAY 4:
Just in case you haven’t realized it yet, this surf adventure is purely about surfing. Maybe you’re a little sore and want to sleep in today, or maybe you’re up before the sun and dawn patrolling with one of our instructors. Either way, it’s amazing! This is what life is all about. After a hearty breakfast we’re back at the beach and we are pretty much the only ones here. During the weekdays there are very few tourists, as it’s a bit out of the way and not well known, which is why we love it!

Ground school starts off the day with a discussion about wave formation and swell prediction. Here your coaches will educate you on choosing the right sort of breaks for your skill level, as well as guiding your understanding of weather patterns to forecast conditions utilizing several surfer-friendly websites. Surf until you can’t move and then be transported back to the hotel, where you can join the group for another nightly dinner adventure or take time to yourself to unwind and relax on your own. Just don’t miss the sunset group photo that is customary with all WB Surf Camp Adventures.

DAY 5:

We start this day off by exploring the islands on a Stand UP Paddleboard Excursion. SUP is the fastest growing water sport in the world and there is no better place then the BVI to learn how. We make it back to the beach by lunch and hit the water for more surfing. Your strength and consistency are improving each day as you build a foundation that will serve as the bedrock for the remainder of your surfing career. You feel more comfortable and relaxed as you inevitably begin pushing yourself to catch your own waves, turn the board, and ride bigger sets. With another dedicated video/photo session, we will again take notes on your progression and positioning. Your directors will discuss board design and function, as well as what to look for in your first board and how to potentially acquire one that fits you properly. Save a little bit of energy though, because tonight we’re going to the Westside of the island to rock out with one of the best living Reggae bands on the planet. If you haven’t tried the rum yet, then tonight may be a great opportunity to enjoy the elixir of the original pirates themselves.

Day 6:
The last full day is here and it feels like just yesterday you were stepping off the plane. For those that have been here before, they can testify to how this magical little gem nestled in the Atlantic’s Lesser Antilles changed their life. Now that you’ve experienced the charm of the local culture, the incredible West Indies cuisine, the picture perfect waves, and been inducted into the sport of kings & queens you have no choice but to revel in your experience with WB Surf Camp and begin planning your return. Today is the most fulfilling yet. Just like in the movie Endless Summer II, every wave you catch gets locked away in your memory as the best wave you’ve ever caught, until you catch the next one. Everyone hoots each other on and you begin to understand the true meaning of stoke and aloha.

The pattern of island lifestyle and the revitalizing nature of surfing have soaked into every pore of your being. Surfing in a secluded bay with a handful of people and your own private surf coach seems like a dream come true, because it is! Our typical 9 to 5 is far different than any you’ve probably heard of, but when the air and water temps are perfect we don’t mind being out there all day. Some of our campers will even stay out till dark attempting to catch every last set that comes in.

At dinner, cheers are in order at a week well lived! It dawns on you how incredibly unreal the past week has been, not to mention the unlikely relationships that you’ve formed with these strangers from all over the world. Now connected through something so simple, yet so dynamic and so surreal, every fiber of your being is now intertwined with the ocean. The feeling of riding waves and the drive to return takes your mind to a place where you dream of your next opportunity to get back in the water as you drift to sleep.

Day 7:
Depending on flight times, we’re always stoked to get back in the water for one more session…”Just one more!” are the famous last words of every surfer, be it a grommet to his mom, or an adult to their spouse. The work to reward ratio has to stay balanced…at least that’s our excuse. After breakfast, those who are departing say their goodbye’s as our directors make airport runs. Those who have a little extra time, attempt to squeeze in just that last little bit of water time. Either way we will hold a closing ceremony to officially conclude the camp and gather everyone once more to say goodbye, or as we like to say, “Until next time…”



We stay at newly renovated Lambert Beach Resort on the north-east side of the island of Tortola (meaning turtle dove or 'love birds' in Spanish), the largest of the British Virgin Islands. It features a restaurant, bar/lounge, and pool with swim up bar.

We spend our entire stay riding waves at one of the most consistent and playful surfing spots on Tortola. The water and air are warm all year long, not to mention crystal clear. If you have a mask and snorkel, you may want to pack it for those in between surf sessions.


Paul, Blue Bell, PA - "Tortola is a great choice for adult beginners. The instructors at WB Surf Camp are very professional, and the program gives you a unique chance to safely learn to surf the right way, in a beautiful Caribbean location."

Brian, Smyrna, GA -  “It was an incredible trip. Truly epic. Just keep doing what you're doing. Simply put, the Tortola Adult Surf Camp was perfect. Everything about the trip was great -- the staff, the instruction, the surfing, the location, and the memories. I will definitely be going back!”

Michelle, Bradley Beach, NJ – "Tortola is a tropical paradise with waves to surf, friends to make and memories to cherish. I liked that there was no pressure to be out there - when I was ready, my instructors were there for me but if not, I was able to relax and enjoy some beach time. There's simply no other experience like Rick’s Surf Camp!"

Marie, Ontario, Canada - "The knowledge and passion of the surf instructors at WB Surf Camp, coupled with a great location, created an unforgettable experience. Hands down the best surfing trip yet. So great, I am coming back to Tortola next year. Jason and Steve were the most compassionate and considerate guys I have had the opportunity to surf with. Their knowledge and care for the water and genuine desire to help was a great asset to the trip. They are most well rounded individuals. I admired their love, drive, and overall surfing attitude. I hope they come back next year, because I am."

Rhonda, Pompano, Beach, FL - "WB Surf Camp’s Adult Caribbean Adventure was totally rad, we were super stoked, and look forward to another gnarly experience! Your instructors, Jason and Steve, were great! They spent a lot of time with us coaching and teaching and giving feedback of our progress. They were very professional and it was obvious that they knew what they were doing and talking about. They were always in a good mood, laughing and cheering us on every day, all day long. They were a pleasure to be with."

Bryan, Wheaton, IL - "Amazing experience for me! I truly became a surfer on this trip to Tortola, BVI with WB Surf Camp. The instruction was solid and intentional and fun. I can't tell you how great the whole program was. As a business owner myself, the attention to detail is of utmost importance and the Surf Camp experience and instructors both lived and delivered all of the necessary details, instruction and fun that made this week one to remember. Jason is an amazing guy with so much passion for WB Surf Camp, teaching surfing to various skill level surfers, the ocean, and sharing his life and hobbies."

An amazingly gifted guy. Steve has a great heart and passion for WB Surf Camp, surfing and life in general. He was patient, very encouraging and intentional in his instruction. He was always available to help when asked, did a great job with details, had a true servant heart and attitude in all that he did. For me, it is a true testimony to WB Surf Camp in general and specifically Rick for having such amazing guys as Jason and Steve as part of your company. From the surf location and conditions to the top notch instruction, I simply can’t say enough. I will definitely be back for more surf and fun with WB Surf Camp. Thank you for a truly memorable connection with great people, a great program and the ocean. I'm stoked to return and take my surfing to the next level."

Shelley, Ontario, Canada – "From the beginning, your staff definitely gave me the confidence that this was a well run, well organized and enthusiastic organization. All of my questions were answered, and the planning process was... well, just made easy for me. In addition to their core surfing-instruction, I think the best asset WB Surf Camp had out there was the constant - and I really mean constant - enthusiasm and encouragement of the instructors, and that really rubs off on the whole group.

They would talk to me in the water, what to think about (and there's a lot!), what went wrong, and how to do it better or differently the next wave. Jason taught me more about the science and 'heart' behind surfing, wave-making and respect for the ocean than I realized there even existed. Steve has unbelievable talent and knowledge, yet a smile bigger than a fascinated kid running in and out of the ocean after a great ride. Voted "most optimistic surfer". Totally encouraging all the time. WB Surf Camp is my ultimate vacation adventure. Where else can you have the best opportunity to learn to surf in paradise with perfect wave conditions, sunny secluded beaches, enthusiastic instructors, and make some great friends along the way.... (and WB SURF CAMP takes care of it all for you!) Can't wait to do it again!"

Dale, Hendersonville, NV - "In the end the epiphany is the joy of surfing is not the standing up, the ride, the falling off; the triumph is the moment before you start, when you sense in your being that something imminent and strong and mighty and silent and unstoppable will pick you up and carry you. You understand it. You hear it. You feel it. Before the thunder,before the moment of trial and truth, before the truce. A distant word comes from Mike somewhere clear of the waves, behind the waves, saying "Pop up!", "Pop up!" And then at once, effortless, and understated, it lifts you and carries you. And in the end, the only question might be, "did I have the courage to stand."

Nan, Raleigh, NC – “After my waiting nearly 40 years to try surfing, WB Surf Camp really did make it possible for me to quickly stand up on a board. It was a big, big high. I felt serene and excited at the same time. And I loved the juxtaposition between the smooth, moving-with-the-wave approach to shore and the monster power of the ocean behind.”

John, West Palm Beach, FL – “Needless to say I was the oldest one in the group but also probably the most excited. After listening to the instructors talk about equipment, position, technique, and safety, I was ready to hit the waves. WOW! What a difference. After riding a few waves on my belly I stood up and rode my first wave in. I was so excited I was yelling for the instructor to watch me as he had turned around to help another student. I ended up the rest off the morning riding several more waves.”

Nancy, Greenville, NC – “We were taught how to kick, how to stand, how to hold on. And we were taught about rip currents, when we needed to stop fighting and angle around the force in order to be safe. Floating on my board in the early morning light and waiting for a wave, I thought about how timidity can hold you back and fear can freeze personal redefinition. But only if you let it. And not when you’ve got someone or something to help you find your way. Then, at that moment, the surf is yours for the taking.”

Joe, Corvallis, OR – “The instructor explained in great details the technique of spotting a good wave, weather conditions, currents, surfing peaks, crowd/etiquette and then began with the basic elements of surfing, i.e. paddling, standing up on a gliding board and riding the wave. After a few wipe-outs, I had my first 4 seconds of surf ride thrill and the joy of a new achievement. At the end of day one and many a wipe-out I had managed to add another 3 seconds to my earlier 4, having a complete 7 second moment of glory.”

FAQ - Caribbean Surf Camp

If I have never surfed before, is this Camp for me?
About 50% of our clients on this trip have never surfed before. Our program’s dynamic curriculum facilitated by our certified instructors will accomplish all of your learn to surf goals. The only prerequisites are to be ready to have the time of your life and be able to swim. 

If I have surf experience, is this trip for me? 
Yes, you will enjoy a worry free surfing vacation where we take care of all the details. Our staff is composed of amazing free surfers as well as competitive surfers. Should you desire we will be able to coach you to a higher level of wave reading, performance and creativity in your surfing.  

Do you provide equipment or should I bring my own? 
All equipment is provided. If you are an intermediate to advanced surfer, then we highly recommend you bring your own board. Please notify our office if you plan on bringing your own equipment.

Where will I be surfing?
During this adventure, we surf one of the best coves in Tortola, which is just 5 minutes from our hotel. This cove produces a really fun wave that is perfect for all levels of surfing ability. Most of the winter days have ridable waves because the winds wrap around the cove and give us these super fun waves. The swell is a consistent waist to chest high. Basically, Tortola gets the same swell that Puerto Rico gets, but without the crowds. It really doesn’t get any better – spending a week in the beautiful Caribbean surfing perfect waves with other like-minded adults, with little tourists.

If I don’t feel like surfing one day, is that okay?
While we will never force you to participate, we do highly recommend that you take advantage of our professional instructors’ knowledge and the opportunity to surf in this incredible location. Surfing on Tortola offers some of the best waves in all of the Caribbean. We feel certain that while you may wake up a little sore in the morning, the instant you step on the beach and see the amazing surf, you will be stoked to get back on your board!

Can I come early and/or stay after camp ends?
Yes and no, it depends on the availability where we stay. If it is possible, we will prorate the cost of the package for you based on the number of additional days. If you plan on extending your stay, please note that you will be responsible for your own travel arrangements to and/or from the airport. Due to the small group size and equipment requirement, we have a limited number of spots. Please call our office as soon as possible if you would like to extend your stay.

Is there any nightlife in the area where we are staying?
Our hotel is a place to relax away from the hustle and bustle. It is self-contained with a quaint bar and restaurant. We’ll travel together to other areas on the island for several of our dinners. After dinner, most of our clients are ready to relax, maybe enjoy a beverage at the hotel bar, and then get a good night’s sleep so they are ready for another day of surfing.

Is the water safe to drink?
There is a wide range of recognizable brands of bottled water available for purchase in Tortola, including in the grocery stores, restaurants and bars. In the restaurants, a request for water will yield a 500ml bottle of water, which will cost approximately $2.00.

What is the nearest Airport and do you have a shuttle service?
Participants fly into the US Virgin Island of Saint Thomas (STT) or Tortola’s Beef Island International Airport (EIS), and we provides shuttle service to and from the hotel from both locations.  Our office stays attuned to any flight delays or cancellations to make sure everything runs as smoothly as possible.     

What if I can’t get in by the set check in time? 
Our office staff will be happy to coordinate your travel schedule with our onsite team and airport shuttle.  In order to avoid missing any planned activities, participants should try to get in by 4pm on the first day and leave around 2pm on the last day.  

What do I need to bring? 
You will receive a detailed checklist with your registration materials.  For the most part, you shouldn’t have to purchase anything that you don’t already have at home.  

What if my luggage doesn’t make it?
Occasionally the airlines will misplace luggage or your suitcases will miss connecting flights. We recommend campers keeping essentials, such as medications, toiletries, bathing suit, and extra change of clothes, in their carry-on luggage just in case.

What if I want to room by myself? 
We offer single room upgrades for $800. 

With whom will I be sharing my room?
Unless you are already attending this adventure with a partner or have paid for a single room upgrade, we will assign you a roommate. Roommates are grouped together by gender, and we do our best to group by age and/or interests in order to enhance the overall level of comfort of our single participants.

Can you connect to the internet at the hotel with a laptop and if so what is the cost? Are they set-up for wireless connections?
Yes, there is free wireless in the restaurant at our hotel

What are the recommendations for cell phones?
Our recommendation is to turn it off, unplug from life and enjoy your time on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.

Are the power outlets different then what we have in the states?
110 volts, the same as the United States.

What happens if conditions are unfavorable for surfing on a particular day?
Historically March has the least amount of rainfall. Rain showers if any are usually very brief. It is highly unlikely we will experience unfavorable weather. If we do, we will use that time to present our daily seminar, or for video analysis.

What kind of non-surfing activities will we be participating in?

  • Daily seminars and photo review out by the pool and bar
  • A moonlit dinner on a private island
  • SUP excursion
  • A night on the town experiencing one of the island’s best reggae bands

How much money should I bring?
This is at your discretion.  Breakfast and lunch are provided, but snacks, dinner and alcoholic beverages are not included in the tuition. 

Should we tip our instructors? 
Our staff works together as an efficient and friendly team.  We will be your guides, instructors, entertainers and chauffeurs, providing services for which you would normally tip at home.  If at the end of the week you are pleased with the performance of our team, a gratuity would be greatly appreciated.