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Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480
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Surf Camp Reviews

ReviewDear Surf Camp,

Wow, your camp is amazing, one of the best weeks of my life! You have really put together a master piece. Your camp contains every element of summer, flexibility, sun, surf, great friends, relaxed atmosphere, and exciting activities all rolled into one great week. I do not kown wher eto begin my surf camp review! I can’t express my gratitude towards Joel, Kate, Keith, Ryan, Will, Joe, Carolyn, and David for taking us out into the water. I caught the best wave of my life my first time out with Kate.

I really appreciate all the hard work into putting Surf Camp together, it was amazing. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend my summer but surfing Topsail, Masonboro, and Wrightsville, with all the great instructors and campers. The review of the surf was amazing, the people so friendly and kind, the weather… fun but the experience was priceless.

For the Past 3 years I spend 2 weeks of my summer at a regular sleep away camp, this summer my cousin and I wanted to improve our surfing skills and found your camp online and wanted to give it ago. My past camp experiences were amazing and I thought nothing could top it, really, but your camp put my summer over the top. It tops all 3 years, put together. Everything about you camp is so awesome I was so thrilled just to be in the relaxed atmosphere with the instructors who were not only amazing at surfing but also nice, funny and thoughtful.

You really picked a wonderful team of awesome people to help share their love of surfing. Even now, weeks after my cousin’s and mine Surf Camp experience we still find ourselves missing Kenny’s great laugh, Kate’s enthusiasm, Keith’s crazy faces, Will’s crazy car dances, Joel’s helpful incites, Ryan’s ping-pong moves, Joe’s clever remarks, David’s great advice, Carolyn’s good collage talks, Jen’s support, and Rick, your excitement for the sport. We came in feeling the stoke and came out being the stoke. Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for making Surf Camp one of the best experiences of my life. This is my surf camp review. Thank you so much!

Best Wishes,

Alyssa F.
Overnight Camp

Dear Surf Camp,

I wanted to let you know the experiences at your camp last summer were some of the most enjoyable of my life. You’ve created a program not only of great surfing at the beach but also many other wonderful activities. Camp included everything you would expect out of a fantastic summer vacation: surfing, sun, new friendships, marine life, and, of course, relaxation time at the beach!

Several years ago I lived in Wilmington and had previously surfed before attending your camp. However, the Surf Camp staff still taught me many new skills about surfing, and I learned things about Wilmington I never realized. The instructors did an excellent job of educating everyone from beginners to the more experienced surfers. Not only were they very good teachers, but they also had great senses of humor, were nice to everyone, and were all-round fun to hang out with. I know the ocean can sometimes seem frightening to people, but the Surf Camp instructors always made me feel protected. Surf Camp made sure every student was safe and well supervised.

The friendships I developed with the instructors and students are hard to forget, but my favorite thing (except for surfing) was learning about marine life. The sick sea turtle hospital made me more aware that surfers must care for the ocean and its creatures. Also, I loved going deep-sea fishing because it was a new experience for me! We caught several fish I’d never seen before. It was very enjoyable catching little fiddler crabs, small fish, shrimp, and oysters on the islands. The camp did a great job in making learning a fun experience. These experiences have given me an interest in a career of marine biology, which I hope to pursue.

Everyday I would wake up with a smile on my face while at camp because I was eager to see what we were going to do that day. The Surf Camp experience I hope you realize through this testimonial—was truly a memorable, unique, and amazing one!

Warmest Regards,

Alex D.
Charlotte, North Carolina

Dear Surf Camp Staffers,

This email is going to be my attempt at a heartfelt testimonial about my week at Surf Camp. The truth is that it’s really difficult to put my experience into words. For my English class I’ve written four papers about Surf Camp and surfing in general but none of them have really done much justice. I laid off writing about surfing for school when my teacher told me that I was going to have to write a novel to get out everything I have to say about the sport of kings and Surf Camp, but you guys have come along and reignited the flame. Before I go on, I’ll warn you I may be a little rusty. I haven’t surfed since early December (Couldn’t muster up the cash for a 5 mill wetsuit), I paddled out in a 2 mm wetsuit with no booties or gloves, the air was 55 degrees but by Jove the water was not.

To put it plainly, Surf Camp changed my life. I didn’t realize it at the time but when I came back from that week, and the rest of the summer played itself out into hurricane season and the new school year, I realized I was a new and better person. It has been a while so I’m not really sure how to explain it but my whole perspective on the world and other people has changed. Spending time in the water and on land with people like David, Kenny, Joel, Joe, Keith and the other campers made me realize how people can be so different and yet brought together happily under the sun and in the surf. An experience like Surf Camp puts truth to the words of Donavon Frankenreiter that we can be “differently the same.” You guys all have such an appreciation for life, love, the earth and the sea that it was impossible for it not to rub off on me. Such positive characteristics are infections when waterborne and I’m glad I caught them. At the beginning of the week, you guys promised to bestow all of us campers with the gift of stoke, and you did.

This is the part where I prove that Surf Camp did truly change my life. I always had an interest in the Marine sciences and the vast unknown that is the ocean, but you guys took what was there and molded it into a passion. Surfing has become a part of me and so has the sea, in the words of Rick Civelli, “I’ve got salt water running through my veins.” My ex-girlfriend was sincerely jealous of waves and the sea, but she had every reason to be, I spent many hours away from her and scored big with Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne.

BUT I DIGRESS…You guys got me so stoked about the ocean that I couldn’t imagine living the next four years of my life any other way than studying Marine Biology at UNC-Wilmington and surfing the Carolina shores. So I went and secured such a future by applying and getting accepted to UNCW. I’m joining the freshman class of 2005 and I plan to double major in Marine Biology and International Affairs. The last four paragraphs of this email is a copy of my college essay. The same one I included in all of my college applications. I’m sorry I didn’t mention Surf Camp directly, but as I already explained I just couldn’t describe such an amazing experience in so few words. The essay is also a pretty inaccurate. I had to alter the truth a little to make it work. I don’t owe the fact that I found myself to those first waves I caught in the summer of ‘03; I owe it to all of you. So here’s my college essay, it goes along with this one. I hope you enjoy.

I have never liked the idea of classification: classifying people or animals beyond genus and species doesn’t quite appeal to me. Today there is so much pressure put on people to know exactly who they are and what they want to do. This includes having a name to call yourself besides the one on your birth certificate, a “title,” if you will. In my high school there are the athletes, musicians, smart kids, thespians, those who don’t do much at all and me. For some reason, there is no spot for people with a niche like mine. In any given week, I’ll surf or go to track practice after school, play rehearsal at night and music rehearsals or Boy Scout meetings in between. On the weekends, I’ll practice with my band, hang out with friends and get in some more surfing, conditions permitting. Of course, we can all assume that all other free time is spent studying diligently.

There was a time in my early years of high school in which I lost appreciation for being well rounded. I no longer wanted variety; I longed to have one thing to call my own, a specialty of some sort. I wanted to be classified and categorized. I mistook my interest and involvement in different activities as a problem and lost sight of who I really am in all that I do.

These doubts were washed away when I decided to pick up surfing. In the summer of ’03, I first learned how to catch and ride waves on a surfboard so big it might as well have been a canoe. Surfing is not like anything else I have ever done. It’s a Zen like experience in which one gets intimately in touch with the earth, the sea, one’s friends and above all, one’s self. Every time I head down to the beach, all of the problems I take with me just dissolve in the salty water. When I ride that last wave of the day into shore and step out of the surf, the world is just not as complex as it was when I first stepped in. Surfing has taught me so much about life and myself. I have never felt so together and at peace, and as far as I am concerned, the need to be classified is outdated.

Unexplainably through surfing, I have come to understand that having a clear and neat definition of what you are is not important. Instead, I embrace that I may be defined as expansive and unpredictable, somewhat like the ocean that I have come to know.

Again, thank you all so much for everything you’ve done. If I don’t see you
this summer, maybe I’ll see you around Wilmington this fall.


Brendan M.
Long Island, New York

Dear Surf Camp:

Heather, Reggie and I just got home at 3AM this morning after having the time of our lives at your camp. I wish I had a chance to thank you in person so that you can see how sincere I am when I say we can not thank you enough for your generosity!

I know this letter is long, but I can't end it without telling you how professional, fun, and admirable Joel, Kenney, Kate, Keith, Gregg, Grey, and David are. They all made sure that everyone was enjoying themselves while learning how to surf and that everyone was safe at all times. They made you feel like you had been their friends forever, and were always upbeat and engaging.

Although Reggie plays many sports, I have never scene him so happy as he was surfing and so totally exhausted afterwards. Reggie was riding the waves the first day thanks to Kenny. Kenny was the perfect match for us. He kept us pumped-up and smiling, and reminded us how wonderful the ocean and life is. Reggie thought he was the coolest dude and I felt like a little kid around him .... which is a good thing and no easy task after the year I have had.

Although Kenny is cool and a lot of fun, our safety was his prime concern and the anxiety I felt the first day was gone after spending just a short time with him. He smart, professional, fun and has a huge heart.

Reggie is hooked, as are the rest of us, and he wants to come back every year. He is already talking about saving his money to buy his own surf board the next time we come to your camp. I told him that I will be out of work for one more year so we won't be able to come next summer, but that we are coming the following summer!

Heather took a little longer to get up on the board, but she enjoyed herself every day while trying and can't wait to show all her friends the pictures of her trying to surf. Heather has had the hardest time out of the three of us in dealing with me having cancer. She went from the honor role to straight "D's", became angry and disheartened with life in general. It was nice to see her smile again. Kenney made her laugh and want to try to learn. She connected with Kate and enjoyed talking to her. She especially liked Joel because of the way he allowed her to tease him and how playful he was with her (flipping her over while she was lying on the surf board waiting for a wave, etc.).

I was impressed with how Joel kept an eye on not only the students he had but on the progress of everyone...making sure they all caught a wave and he was attentive to everyone. When everyone else was taking a well deserved break, Joel was taking a child who didn't want to surf boogie boarding so that they were able to catch some big waves and forgoing any down time for himself.

When Joel told me on the first day of camp that you said I could come along to watch, my heart jumped with excitement at the thought of being able to share this experience with Heather and Reggie. For me, watching my children learning to surf gave me just as much of a thrill as they were having.

Looking on from the beach I got a little nervous the first day. It looked very dangerous to me, so I jumped in and swam out to be close to Heather and Reggie and to help Kenny. I soon learned that Kenny was in complete control of the situation and that my children's safety was his number one priority. But I stayed out

their anyways to cheer them on. After that, you couldn't get me out of the water! Reggie and Heather loved this more than you can imagine, because they know I never go in the ocean, hardly ever swim in a pool, and for the last year I have been unable to play and be active with them very much at all.

When I was told that I could join in on the fun and learn to surf as well, I got right into it. My muscles were put to the test and I was amazed at how long I lasted out there and how much fun I was having. If I try to put it into words it would be

that I feel alive again. I don't know if you or your staff can understand just how true that statement is or how much this last week has meant to us, but I hope you do and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Linda V.

p.s. I bragged about your staff and surf program so much that before I left the hotel that we were staying at (Home Stay), they asked for flyers from your camp to put in their lobby. This request came from the same staff member that on the first day of arriving scared the heck out of us by telling us horror stories about another local surf camp that they had originally confused with possibly being your camp, trying to convince us not to go. He is now a changed man (wink).

HeLLo GuYs!

Last year I had the time of my life at Surf Camp!!! Surfing those KILLER waves and meeting new people from all over the country was such a blast. A few years ago I went to camp at Sea World and we went surfing only one day, but ever since that day I knew I had to go to a camp where I would be out in the water everyday. No camp I've ever been to can compare to the one I went to last year in North Carolina.

The first day we were out at the beach we learned about beach safety and the basics of surfing. Throughout the rest of the week as we went to multiple beaches and sessions the instructors helped me improve my surfing skills. We had a lot of one on one time with the instructors but as we got better we were in small groups along with an instructor. Half way through the week we watched videos that had been taken of us surfing, and the instructors told me what I did right and how I could improve my surfing skills. By the end of the week I was ready to ride the waves by myself! Being out in the water was such an AWESOME experience because the warm crystal clear water felt spectacular, the weather was beautiful and the soft white sand felt great between my toes.

Although we spent most of our time surfing we kept busy with a lot of other activities. One of my favorites was visiting the Sea Turtle Hospital, where one of our instructors Jen had been volunteering for the past few years. We also went to several cool restaurants where the food was awesome. The best was this burrito barn we went to where the burritos where three times as big as they usually are. One night we went to dinner followed by a round at the arcade and a movie, which was fun just hanging out with my new friends. The most fun activity other then surfing, was the deep-sea fishing voyage. This was a great opportunity to bond with our instructors and friends and have a great time. It was fun being on the water and comparing the fish we caught. I myself caught two fairly large fish, which made my day!

We didn't have to be out and about to be having a good time. We all enjoyed just hanging out in the dorms and doing our own thing. Taking pictures for memories and exchanging phone numbers and e-mail addresses suited us just fine. There's no way I would leave camp without all my goofy pictures. Laughing and talking in the TV room are times I will never forget.

The instructors knew how to make us laugh but always kept us in line. They made our van rides FuN and FuLL of singing and laughter. The Instructors were enthusiastic and very knowledgeable about the sport and were out in the water having a great time teaching us how to surf. I related to them because they were near my age and enjoyed surfing. They inspired me to keep trying and become the best that I can be.

Surf Camp was the perfect combination of learning and having fun! I am going to the Hawaii Surf Camp session this summer. I'm really looking forward to all the new things I'm going to learn and encounter. I am also looking forward to improving my surfing skills and riding those world famous Hawaiian waves. I hope to see you there!!!

Catch YOU on the flipside :)

.:: Rachel C ::.
Paradise Valley, Arizona

Dear Surf Camp,

I came to Surf Camp to learn how to surf, but I ended up learning a lot more than that. I gained confidence and a new love for the ocean and surfing. The year that I decided to go to surf camp was a year full of changes for me. When the summer was over, I was going to be starting at a brand new school and leaving the school that I had been attending for the past six years. Before surf camp I had never been away from home by myself or attended any kind of camp; especially one full of people that I didn't know. As soon as I arrived at surf camp I knew that it was going to be an amazing week, but I had no idea how much of an effect it would have on me.

I had always been an extremely shy and quiet person. Making friends, social situations, and new experiences were very hard for me. I remember being nervous as I was heading to surf camp, but the minute I arrived all of my nervousness faded away. I don't know if it was the sun and salt air or those tan, cool, friendly counselors, but something made me feel really excited and happy instead of feeling scared and nervous. I started to talk to people and I couldn't believe that person talking was me!

As for the surfing, well, that was the best part of all! I remember being on the board the first time and knowing that I was going to catch a wave no matter what, and I definitely did. That first wave was the most exciting, exhilarating feeling I have ever felt. I felt like I was on top of the world. I remember that I never wanted to get out of the water after that. The first ride completely changed me.

After that, I was bursting with a new confidence that I never knew I had. I really wasn't afraid of anything after that, and I felt that I could do anything if I set my mind to it. I had never felt like a "cool" person but after that wave I felt like the coolest person in the world. After surf camp I was no longer afraid of meeting new people and trying new things. Going to my new school no longer scared me. My camp experience gave me confidence in my self and my abilities. It made me love surfing and love the ocean even more than I had before. I would love to have the chance to go back this summer, but even if I don't, I know that I will never forget that first summer at surf camp and how it changed me. It was truly a life-changing experience. I still wear my surf camp T-shirt all the time. I am so proud and thankful that I got to experience your
magical camp.

Thank you,
Hannah B.

Dear Surf Camp,

Waking up to a beautiful view and environment everyday to the weeks I spent in Wrightsville Beach, NC and Oahu, Hawaii were the most rewarding experiences I've had in my life. The feeling of the ocean pounding against you when paddling out, the ocean's swell carrying you to shore, it just makes you feel so alive. It's a feeling I have never felt before, and if I had the option, I would go back out there any day.

Rick and the surf counselors help you along the journey of fulfilling your dream of catching a wave, and they work one on one with you. It doesn't matter whether or not you've never been on a board before, or if you've tried it once or twice, they make sure you have one of the best times in your life. Not only do they teach you how to surf, they are the coolest counselors you will ever meet and they will work with you all week, to make sure you get up on a board before the week is over. The counselors teach you techniques and tricks that will stay in your head for the rest of your life.

I never thought I would be able to stand up on a board, and it did take me a while, but I didn't give up. I didn't want to be a kid on shore just hanging out, I wanted to be in the water. When I would look over to see the others actually surfing, it just made me want to try harder, and the counselors were behind me every step of the way.

The experience you have at surf camp, is not only about surfing either. They teach you about the reefs, sea turtles (they were so cute!), and much more. It's an experience I will never forget, and neither will you. I will always remember the times I spent with Rick and the others at Surf Camp. Thank you guys for giving me the time of my life.

Yours truly,
Kelsey M.

Dear Surf Camp,

Bonding. That's what Surf Camp is all about. You bond with the environment, you bond with your fellow surfers, and with the experienced surfing counselors. This summer will be my fourth time having a blast at Surf Camp. When I was young I told my mother I wished more than anything that I could try surfing. She told me that she would see about it, but that it had to be a place I would not get hurt. I was so "stoked" (that's one of the surfer terms surfers seem to use a lot-you'll learn more words like that!) when she told me I was going to Surf Camp. I was excited to see what North Carolina was like. Well, I have never gotten hurt, and the experience then and every time has always been so positive and special that I'll always want to return again.

While I am at Surf Camp I am surrounded by many of the things that I believe are most important in life. The beauty of nature, making friends, and having fun doing something you love with great people. Also, learning about marine biology and eco-systems was something my teachers were glad I did while on school vacation. The knowledge and support of great counselors who teach you and keep you safe is invaluable. Being with other kids who are also interested in surfing, just like you are, brings you close. I have made friends each time I went to Surf Camp and we still keep in touch. Hopefully we'll be riding the waves together for years. When I have stayed overnight at Surf Camp, it was great to see what it feels like to stay in a real college dorm with a real roommate. At Surf Camp you learn surfing etiquette, but also learn to cheer your fellow surfers on, and understand that it's ok to wipe out. When I have successfully ridden a wave, it feels like, well, it is so hard to describe the experience, but it's kind of a combination of floating, flying, and the unbelievable thrill of the ride.

Last summer something incredible happened. We were all surfing, it was a gorgeous day--the water was warm, the sun shining. As I looked into the rippling water, I saw some dolphins swimming close by. The other surfers in our group noticed this as well and we were all in awe! I love animals and (mammals of course!) so this was a once in a lifetime event that happened so spontaneously-and in the dolphins' natural environment-not some theme park. I'll never ever forget it.

I plan on attending the Surf Camp's other locations, which are also in settings that are safe, and filled with the beauty of nature. I know as I get older I will always look back on Surf Camp memories filled with laughs, beautiful sun sets, silly counselors, listening to songs together in the van, and the respect and appreciation of the perfect wave. Finally, I would just like to recommend this unique experience to people of all ages. The sense of accomplishment you feel, even in just trying, is worth the trip!

*[Thanks Rick for having a quality program, and I thank my Mom for working a second job to pay for it!]

Arielle L.
New York

Dear Surf Camp,

I don’t know where and how to start because a brief thank you note will not be enough and neither will words be able to transmit what Luis’s experience at Surf Camp was………… I will try though…….

Ever since he arrived he has been talking endlesly about everything ,showing pictures and explaining us his two wonderful weeks at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina.

When we ask what the BEST was he hasn’t been able to make up his mind or decide if it was “THE INSTRUCTORS and how friendly and great they were to him, THE FRIENDS he made, THE WAVES he rode , THE FUN he had or how beautiful CAPE HATTERAS was” ….so I came up to a conclusion … the best thing of the weeks Luis spent at North Carolina this summer was SURF CAMP !

For my son it was a real lifetime learning experience the name puts it together .....Learn the Right Way, for Luis was a learning experience that will change his life forever. He learned not only how to surf ...but he became a surfer in escence, he also learned a new language and a new culture. Our family will treasure all this knowledge he aquired for ever and he will have memories to cherish and share as a great opportunity he had.

As I’m sitting wrinting you this I can tell you that it really was by far much better than planned and that me, my husband and Luis are very very pleased and grateful to you and your special team.

Of course we will keep in touch because we are making plans for a future visit. Thank you very much.

Leticia P.
Teen Outer Banks Overnight 2005
Caracas, Venezuela

Dear Surf Camp,

Wow- what an awesome week. I will never forget the week that I spent with my instructors and my new friends at the Outer Banks. I went for a week and it is amazing how close you get to people in JUST one week. He tries really hard to make sure that you learn how to surf and makes sure that you are having fun doing it. All of the other instructors were great too: Big Steve, K-Murph, Dave, Ryan, and Emily. They were all totally awesome.

We had bonfires, went to a movie, cooked out, and surfed like crazy of course. Speaking of cooking out, the food is awesome. This past week that I went, there was even a vegetarian and the instructors always made sure that she got to eat what she liked. So again, I cant say enough about all of the instructors help and generosity and friendship.
I made very good friends this past week. I was lucky to be roomed with a dude from Venezuela who was so totally awesome. I learned a lot from him.

After the week was over, you felt like you were leaving your family seeing them getting off the van to to fly home. It was a totally amazing experience. I am definitely going next year and hopefully for two weeks. I love this camp and you will too!!!!

Thanks guys for your awesome help this week. YOU ARE GREAT!!!!

Mak M.
Teen Outer Banks Overnight 2005
Jacksonville, North Carolina

Dear Surf Camp Crew,

On the first day of camp, I was asked if I felt "the stoke". I wasn't quite sure what the feeling of being stoked was. When Rick described the feeling of being stoked I thought it was a little corny at first. He talked about how he loved the feeling of catching that perfect wave, feeling the salt water running through your veins. After surf camp I realized that feeling stoked is not corny, it is the most realistic liberating feeling ever.

Let me paint you a picture of Surf Camp. Waves, smiles, boards, sand, sun, ping-pong, lines, carves, encouragement, G. Love, food, earlier morning, boats, laid back, relaxation, stoke, paddling, pop-ups, rides, bails, swim wear, Jersey girls, van trips, ipods, cds, too many sing alongs, burgers, cell phone calls, pictures, cards, shoe throwing, sandal stains, ha. Speed bumps, the stoop, no time, no problems, friendly competition, jokes. It all ended too soon.

On the last day of surf camp, as campers started leaving one by one, it dawned on me what an incredible experience camp had been. I have never felt so relaxed in my life. There was no one to impress, no pressure to succeed at surfing. It was all about having a good time, and making some friends along the way. Thinking back to the first day, I was amazed to see how much I developed-- not only as surfer, but also as a person. I came to camp wanting to have some fun, and I did. You know what though, I left with something more. I left with a perspective on life. Every counselor at Surf Camp enjoyed what they were doing. They loved surfing and teaching others how to surf. Now whether I'm ever going to be a surf instructor, I don't know. Considering I'm a land locked, D.C. kid, I doubt it. I do know that I'm going to do something I enjoy in life. Surf Camp helped me learn this. I would like to thank Surf Camp for their remarkable program, one that I will never forget.

Colin H.
Washington D.C.

Dear Surf Camp,

Amazingly incredible, and absolutely unforgettable: if I had to sum up my Surf Camp experience in just a few little words, those would most definitely be them. Surf Camp was non-stop from the second I arrived to the final moments before I left for home. Each day was cherished with the individuality and attention it so well deserved. Not only did I learn things everyday, but also as each day passed my surfing skills became more advanced.

Landlocked, I never had the opportunity to surf until I went to Surf Camp. Although I am certain everyone at my session had a fantastic time at Surf Camp, to him or her I do not believe it was quite as special as it was to me.

In January 2002 I discovered I had severe scoliosis and by late May I had a spinal fusion operation to “correct” it. My summer that year was the worst summer I can ever account for. I wasn’t allowed to swim, bend, or do anything physical but walk the entire three, treacherously hot, and humid months. It was devastating to me because I just wanted to be a normal girl, but I knew that wasn’t where I was headed. This, however, was the summer I discovered surfing and decided right then and there that I wanted to try it more than anything in the world. I found Surf Camp on the internet, and never took my eyes off it again.

After many, many visits to the Orthopedic Doctors’ Office, one year after my surgery I was granted permission to try surfing, and I was totally ecstatic. I was hoping to attend camp the following summer; unfortunately, my sisters’ first semester at college coincided, and my parents simply could not afford both. Finally, in the summer of 2005 my dream became a reality starting July 16th. The first day was full of introduction, swimming, and watching movies, the second day however was I day I had waited for forever, and would never forget.

After making the travel to Surf City, my fellow teenage campers and I were finally ready to embark on our first surf attempts. Although my first few attempts were lame and fruitless, as the day progressed I was finally able to stand on my board, although it was only for a half-second.

Try as I had, days three and four were not very pleasant days to recall when I think about my surfing performances. The instructors were fabulous, the waves were ‘kickin’ but they just were not my days. Day five however made up for everything that had ever gone wrong in my life (I swear!)

Topsail Island was amazing that Wednesday, and there were some very strong waves Mother Ocean was brewing beneath her mysterious waters. At this point in time, I was able to ride down the line of the waves, which excited to me to no end. I really don’t believe I could have asked for a better surfing day, it was truly the most amazing day in the entirety on my short-lived life. Being up on the waves was a magical feeling that made me warm inside and brought a smile to my face and pure joy and adrenaline to my beating heart. I felt like I was floating, flying, and that I was in some type of incredibly beautiful dream, it was literally surreal. Nothing could take me down from my surfing high, not even the waves threatening to pound me up as I paddled out into the surf lineup. It is truly indescribable what exactly went on that day, all I can say is when that feeling is present in your heart, you are worry free and happier than you ever could have possibly imagined.

I would like to conclude my account by sending a heartfelt thank you to everyone involved in Surf Camp especially the instructors, the director, the founder, and anyone else that deals with this marvelous camp. You all did such a wonderful job and executed everything perfectly so I could have a once in a lifetime experience. I highly recommend this camp to anyone, I promise you will not regret coming, you will only want to come back again and again. Once again, thank you to everyone who made my week full of fun, laughter, and pure surfing emotions. This is the most delightful camp in the entire world; passing up this camp is like only living half of your life, and who wants to do that?

Maria R.
Teen Overnight 2005
Blairsville, Pennsylvania

Dear Surf Camp : Thank you. thank you thank you thank you!

The week that I spent in Cape Hatteras was one of the best weeks of my
life! I had come to Surf Camp without any prior surfing abilities, which didn't create any problems at all. It was tough at first, but by the last
few days I was riding tons of waves to the beach. Surfing is such an amazing feeling, and I'm so glad I experienced it with this group of people.

All of the instructors are RIDICULOUSLY NICE! I am very gracious to all of them, especially Kenny since he helped me catch my first wave! Every instructor was so much fun, and really had a positive energy. I would like to thank everyone at Surf Camp so much, and I will definetely be returning, hopefully this time for two weeks! I can't wait to get back to the waves!

Miss you all (K. Murph, Dave, Big Steve, Emily, and Ryan!)


Sara A.
Teen Outer Banks Overnight 2005
Hastings on Hudson, New York


Dear Surf Camp,

I was a little nervous about coming to North Carolina, in another country and also to a summer camp that sounded very different to the one’s I had been before.

However, It was everything so very cool, the counselors, the waves and the people I met. I had the best time and those two weeks I spent at Cape Hatteras were really great. There were many special moments I will never forget, like learning how to surf with my friends, our lunch times at the beach, riding those skate boards all around campground, all of us putting zinc on our faces, the bonfires at the beach, going to the gift shop and trying on all the hats just for fun, the visit to the aquarium and the day the waves got so big that we couldn't’t go surfing and we had the opportunity to watch Big Steve, Dave, K Murph, Ryan, Joe, and Kenny surfing.

It is amazing the real friendships you make in such short time, the fun you have together and the special the relationship you develop with the counselors.

I had a really great time and I learned a lot . Would I comeback? Definitely.

Luis P.
Teen Outer Banks Overnight 2005
Caracas, Venezuela


Dear All of our awesome Surf Camp Instructors,

We had an amazing time at Surf Camp this past week. You all individually taught us so much. Not only about surfing but also about the ocean and respect for it. When Rick said this would be the best week of your lives, he was so right! We had such a great time and have totally fallen in love with surfing. You guys are so much fun and made camp so much fun! We absolutely loved it and want to get a lot better an are going to try really hard this summer. We’re so STOKED! We also would love to go on the Hawaii trip next summer, so please keep us posted! We also burned a couple of mixes for you guys for the 2 vans, to enjoy for the rest of the summer. Thanks for an unforgettable experience!

Love always,

Demi G. & Brekke M .
Teen Wrightsville Beach Overnight 2005
Darien, Connecticut


We love you…….Jen, Christie, Steve, Eric, Harris, Joe, Rick and Adam!

Dear Surf Camp,

I just wanted to say thanks so much for helping my LEARN THE RIGHT WAY
because if it wasn't for you guys I would still be outta the water missing
out on all the fun of surfing. And if it weren't for the instructors that helped me get back into the water after the "crash" I guess you could call it, I
would have missed out on all the fun of being with you guys. When I left I not only left with a whole new out look on the ocean, I left being proud of myself and with a lot of new friends. So I just wanted.... I mean had to say thank you so much for the time of my life. all my love

Elliot W.
Teen Wrightsville Beach Overnight 2005
Charlotte, North Carolina

p.s. .... i love you Steve the seal, Jen, Rick, Dave, Michelle,
Ryan, and Mark, .... thanks for the time of my life you guys!


Dear Surf Camp,

Just a note to thank you - Our daughter begged us in 2003 to attend your camp. That year she and her cousin were in the week long program. Last year we made it for three days (we had to leave early because of the hurricane) and she just took daily lessons.

This year she and her friend went to the am week long camp. You can see from the pics - she did well and had so much fun. We love the beach and hope to keep coming back. The snowboarding up here will have to keep her happy till next August.

Great beach, great programs, and superb staff!!!!! The best.


Carol D.
Wrightsville Beach Day Camp 2005
Ontairo, Canada


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