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Wrightsville Beach Web Cam

222 Causeway Drive
Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480
Toll Free 1.866.844.7873



Why Us

We are a family owned and operated company with clear cut priorities and an ambitious mission statement. Each year we raise the bar in regards to risk management, staff training, improved curriculum and pure ocean fun. We make it look easy, but there is an incredible amount of work behind the scenes. We take extreme pride in what we do, and we do it for all the right reasons. Our dedication and true desire to be the best has made us the largest, most recommended camp of our kind. Over the years we have seen many programs come and go while we get better with time. Our continued dedication to leading the pack is something we are very proud of and something you can count on.

Our founder has been teaching people how to surf since 1995. He has developed an amazing methodology that will get you up and riding in no time. He also understands that there is so much more to surfing then standing on a board and riding a wave. One must begin to understand several different and important coastal processes. Being a surfer holds responsibilities to other surfers in the water and a dedication to taking care of our coast. That is why in all of our programs we emphasize safety, surfing etiquette, and teach dynamic curriculum about our coastal environment.

In our programs you will catch all the waves your body can stand. Our expert educators will fill your mind with knowledge, and your spirit with stoke. When you leave our program you will have an understanding of why surfers are surfers and why Surf Camp has uncompromising commitments to coastal conservation.

We do not just say that safety is our first priority, it is our daily practice! We never exceed a student to instructor ratio of 3:1, and in some programs it is 2:1. We put in thousands of hours of instruction time each year, so we stay alert and tuned to our standardized safety policies and procedures.

We carry a comprehensive insurance package, including general liability. All of our top notch instructors are patient and very personable, and go through our comprehensive pre-season training program to learn our standardized teaching system.

We also give so much back to both the environment and to our community, so when you support us you support our efforts in making the world a better place. Do you want to see a team that has an undeniable passion for what they do? Our instructors are compensated at a rate that leads the industry, are highly trained and dependable assuring your time at Surf Camp will exceed your expectations! Come "sea life differently" and experience for yourself what everyone is talking about. You will have an adventure that will change your life forever!

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